Think well whether you really want to engage in sexual relations with a man? If you are not sure that you love him and will together in the future, you should not denigrate yourself. Some men try to seize the woman by cunning, not planning with her long-term relationship. Better to wait a while and study the man carefully before giving it.
Observe daily intimate hygiene. Wash your external genitals and wear clean underwear. In addition, shortly before the expected sexual intercourse should be waxing the bikini area. Most men do not like the presence of girls hair in this area.
Choose where and under what conditions you will be engaged in with the man love. If you want it to be beautiful and romantic, you can ask the man to book a hotel room and decorate it. Will fit candles, rose petals, your photos in beautiful frames, air freshener with a tantalizing aroma, etc. it is Better to ask men, where you will spend your romantic night, and if he had no suitable ideas, offer him your options for yourself.
Prepare contraceptives. Grab the purse 1-2 a condom in case they will not be men. Do not drink alcohol, even if you think that this will help to overcome fear and make you more relaxed. So you can only feel bad at an important moment.
Take a shower and put on new beautiful lingerie right before a sexual act. You can also apply a drop of toilet water in the pubic area. Do not rush to attack the man and not let him to do the same. It is better to start to make love slowly, enjoying the solitude and caressing each other. In addition, you will be able to relax and after that to grant a man the right to act.