Why the need for anal beads?

Anal beads are similar to vaginal and represent the cloth, silicone chain or cord of a different material with multiple balls or beads. Typically, anal beads the size is less vaginal, but their number is on the chain more, in some cases they resemble large beads. Anal beads are designed for pleasure from stimulation of the anus, to use this sexy toy can both women and men.

There are many different kinds of anal balls: they differ not only in size and number of beads, but the material or shape. They are made of gel, plastic, latex or polyvinyl chloride, there are also glass and metal beads. Differ in form round and elongated beads, they can also be smooth or ribbed. There are also anal beads with a displaced center of gravity and heavy with the beads inside, which create a sense of vibration. To choose the type of anal beads you need based on their characteristics: someone who loves the feeling of the ribbed surface of the balls, someone like cold touch of metal toys.

Beginners should select balls of small size from lightweight materials without additional functions.

Purpose of anal beads can be very different: this idea of foreplay before anal sex and a means to enhance sensations during vaginal penetration in women, sexy toy for men, and a tool for Masturbation.

How to use anal balls

Just bought anal beads should be thoroughly washed in hot soapy water and treated with antiseptic after each use and before the next balls to be washed.

Do not insert anal beads into the anus, if you have disease of the rectum or hemorrhoids.

Use beads for anal sex only need lubrication. If vaginal balls can be introduced without lubricant, as enough natural lubrication in the anus moisturizing glands special does not exist, and when dry can damage the anus.

There are special anal lubricant with analgesics in the composition, they do use anal balls more enjoyable and painless.

Before you introduce anal beads, you need to relax, try not to compress the muscles of the anus. This requires a prelude: for example, ask your partner to give you a massage to start or to stimulate the anus with your finger. To introduce the beads slowly, one at a time. Desired position – on back, with bent and her legs wide spread. If you experience discomfort, you need to stop and try to relax until you see pleasant feelings. Remove the balls also need to gradually, but if you have a great experience with this toy, you can try to pull them off in one swift motion to achieve orgasm.