Making love with a new partner is always a surprise. You don't know what he likes, he doesn't know how to give pleasure to you. Of course, it is better to discuss everything in advance. But not always with a partner have the courage to talk about these things before sex, usually discuss all the details after.
So everything went very well create the right atmosphere. Tune in for a romantic dinner in a quiet place, listening to good music. So you relax, forget about troubles at work, bad weather and a broken car.
After dinner, go home. Do not immediately move to the bedroom. Give each other a chance to get acquainted with the change of environment, to look around. You can sit in the kitchen, drinking champagne or on the couch in the living room with a glass of wine. Turn up the music and dim the lights, so nothing to distract you from each other.
When you realize that you are ready, move to the bedroom. The first time it is better to have sex in the dark. It will help to overcome the embarrassment and confusion that will make you more confident.
During the process, tell the partner about their feelings. Especially if you're in pain, uncomfortable, unpleasant. You have sex for the first time, and thou do not know how to give you pleasure. If you hesitate to talk about it, change the pose or hand push to the correct position. And be more active. First sex with a new partner is not the first time. Show that you know and love to give pleasure. It is very much appreciated partners.
After sex tell me what you all liked. Lie down beside your partner, caress him. Be Frank. Let them know that sex is not the end of the novel, and the beginning of it. That you are interested in the partner as a person, not just the object for love. It is very important for the first time when the lovers are not yet fully confident in each other.