Lumbar puncture: the reasons for the appointment

Otherwise, a lumbar puncture also called a spinal tap. This is a very serious procedure. Sample is taken the cerebrospinal fluid. Since the puncture is in many respects risky, it is prescribed only in cases of urgent need.
During the procedure, take the puncture of the spinal cord, contrary to the name, should not be affected.

There are situations when lumbar puncture can not be avoided. This is due to the detection of infectious diseases in a patient, for example, meningitis may be given to patients who have had a stroke, also for the confirmation of multiple sclerosis and inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. In addition, the puncture is performed, and as a therapeutic procedure for administration of drugs in the presence of a herniated disc.

In any case, before you assign a puncture, the doctor will conduct several other tests to make sure it is necessary, because the procedure can be dangerous. In order to take the cerebrospinal fluid, the lumbar puncture is done with a special needle. The puncture site should be below the spinal cord. After the needle is inserted from the channel begins to leak fluid.
In addition to the analysis of the fluid itself conclusions and the speed of flow. If the patient is healthy, it will be transparent, in one second will receive only one drop.

After the procedure is finished, the patient will need about two hours to be in the supine position on a firm and level surface. Then about a day it is also not recommended to sit and stand.

If puncture of the spinal cord

What is the danger of lumbar puncture? If the procedure is performed correctly, no serious consequences, the patient does not arise. The main concern is damage to the spinal cord and the ingress of infection. In addition, the implications include the appearance of bleeding, as well as when brain tumors increase intracranial pressure.

It should be noted that qualified hospitals a spinal tap take only medical professionals. Fear should not be. Compare a similar procedure is possible with conventional biopsy of one of the internal organs. But no, it's not time to make a correct diagnosis and cure the patient. Modern neuroscience is developed enough to have the procedure was the safest for the patient. In addition, before the puncture is done anesthesia. The doctor advises the situation in which you need to be patient.

If we talk about contraindications, these include even slight suspicion on the dislocation of the brain.