This method of examination is used to detect various pathologies of the hematopoietic system. Sometimes this procedure is of benefit in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases of the bone. During trepanobiopsy are extracting the fragment of the bone marrow with preservation of its structure, so the method is quite informative. For the manipulation uses a special needle-trocar length of 4 cm and a diameter of 2 mm, equipped with flap, mandrina and the handle. The peripheral end of the needle has a spiral shape, whereby it acquires the ability to cut bone tissue upon rotation. Puncture is performed under local anesthesia in the region of the crest of the Ilium. After the procedure the needle is removed the bone fragment with a length of 6-10 cm, which is the proper treatment and investigated in the laboratory. Often, biopsy is used as the primary method of investigation in Hematology.
This manipulation is conducted with obligatory presence of "fresh" result (not more than 5 days) deployed the General analysis of blood.

Sternal bone marrow puncture

This diagnostic procedure is necessary to determine the causes of leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, anemia, and identify metastasis in bone marrow, as well as monitoring the quality of treatment. Puncture is more simple technically than biopsy. It is an outpatient procedure with all the rules of asepsis and antisepsis. The procedure is carried out using a short thick-walled sterile needle with the safety guard protecting the mediastinum. Usually a puncture is made in the upper third of the sternum, at the level of the II-III intercostal space. Bone marrow is harvested with a syringe with a capacity of 10-20 ml. To provide the necessary vacuum pre-sure of its integrity. When you receive 0.5-1.0 ml of the contents are prepared smears for laboratory examination.
In newborns and infants the puncture, it is preferable to do in the upper third of the tibia due to the danger of puncture of the sternum.


Sometimes the conduct of trepanobiopsy and the sternal puncture of the bone marrow can harm the health of the patient. The most common complications are infection cavity and damage internal organs, which is observed in the case of flagrant violations of the methodology of data diagnostic events.