To do this is not difficult. Cats themselves are very smart creatures, so grasp everything on the fly. And we need only to be patient and get him some help.
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Naming the kitten, try to choose a name that includes hissing and whistling sounds, for example, Fluff, marsik, Tisha, etc. Try to make a nickname suited to the breed of your animal. Exotic cats - Sphynxes - very suitable names of Egyptian deities. And fluffy Persians - aristocratic, even Royal (Louis, Boniface). All these names you can think of diminutive nicknames for easy handling and better understanding of your Pets.
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To accustom your kitten to the name, as soon as you bring him in the house. Calling him to eat or drink milk, say "kitty, kitty, kitty" and pet's name. For a start, do it when you are within sight of fluffy. Then he would correlate dishes and his nickname and very quickly get used to it to respond.
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This can also be done in the game. Tying a bow on a string, run away from the kitten, saying his name. Let yourself to catch up. Praise kitty if he ran behind you and scratch him behind the ear.
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You will need quite a bit of patience and your little one will remember his name. You will be a little more complicated if the cat is already an adult. But still after one and a half to two weeks of training she will respond to a new name. Most importantly, always praise and caress the cat, when she comes to you when you call. Then the process of adjusting to the new name will be simple and easy and will bring pleasure to you both.
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