Viral meningitis is often accompanied by weakness, runny nose, headache and sore throat, nasal congestion and dry cough. But if there are no symptoms, pay attention to other signs.
This disease may occur as a complication of mumps, measles and rubella in children. Cause it can also the wrong treatment of sinusitis, otitis media, sinusitis, osteomyelitis, furuncle on the face or neck or lung abscess.
Symptoms largely depend on the age of the person. In children-infants may change the color of the skin, acquiring a grayish-yellow tint, there are jumps in temperature, uneven breathing, change in stools (diarrhea or constipation), seizures, constant crying. During the inspection, you may notice a slight increase (similar to swelling) of the spring, as well as the spleen and liver.
In adults, it begins with a strong headache, and the man entire head hurts, and soon the pain becomes unbearable character. It is enhanced when changing body position under the effect of noise and usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting that does not bring relief. Because sometimes, when meningitis affects the cranial nerves, a sick person may manifest strabismus.
In most cases, the person also becomes high temperature, and convulsions, but it is not always the case and the absence of this symptom should ease up.
In adults and in children often appears bright red rash. Small pimples at first, similar to the puncture wounds, later they can grow to bruises and acquire a purple hue, and then become discolored. Check the most pale skin: try to press to the skin the glass and view. In meningitis the spots do not disappear.
A person who is sick with meningitis, tries to lie on your side with bent to abdomen knees and with his head thrown back. If you want to bend the head of the sick to touch his chin to his chest, you can't do it. During this procedure, the bend in the joints of the feet. The bent leg to straighten too, will fail; moreover, in this attempt the second leg involuntarily bent at the knee and tightened to the stomach.
Despite the fact that symptoms of meningitis often have their own characteristic features described above, to accurately diagnose this illness can only specialists in a hospital environment. This is a spinal puncture in the lower spine the needle is injected, the doctor takes on the analysis of a sample of spinal fluid.
It is very important to begin treatment for meningitis immediately after detection of infection – and in this case the account goes literally on the clock, so to delay treatment to the doctor in no event it is impossible.