Remove the melody, replacing the horn, if you operator MTS. In this case, you need to disable the service Good'ok. To do this from your mobile phone dial *111*29#. Then select "Disable".
You can also use the service "Mobile assistant" by calling from a mobile to number 111 and disable the ringtone. Go to the service "Internet assistant", enter your username and password to enter the system. Then in the menu select the desired option and disable the ringing tone instead of beep.
Disable the service "Hello" operator "Beeline" to remove the ringtone in your number. Dial from your phone number 0770 and hit the call button. Then select the desired option. Please note that the settings of this service and ordered all ringtones will be saved in a month.
If you need to remove the melody instead of signal operator "Beeline-Ukraine", disable the service "D-jingle". To do this go to the system "Internet-helper", "Settings", then "D-jingle" and click "Disable". Or call at 465 and go to the services menu and disable it. You can also send SMS to number 465 text-012.
Disable the service "Personal tone" of the operator "MegaFon". To do this, call from your mobile phone for free number 0660, then follow the voice prompts and make a tone call. You can do it on-site services why you need to log in with your username (phone number) and password and select the appropriate section.
Disable the service "D-jingle" operator "Kyivstar". This can be done with the help of SMS with code 012, sent to short number 465. This message is free.