What is a bone marrow puncture

Bone marrow biopsy (sternal puncture) is a simple diagnostic manipulation, giving the opportunity to make an accurate diagnosis, evaluate treatment and predict the outcome of blood diseases (anemia and cancer). The most commonly used method for the study of punctate red marrow myelogram. This analysis allows us to estimate the percentage of the different cells of the bone marrow. Sternal puncture – medical manipulation.
Bone marrow is the primary hematopoietic organ, so when blood diseases unit in the first place changing its functional status.

The technique of puncture

Usually the operation is performed on the upper third of the body of the sternum while the patient lies on the back. The method consists in the fact that the bone is pierced with a special sterile needle with a limiter that allows you to adjust the depth of penetration. The needle should be perpendicular relative to the sternum. A puncture is made in one swift movement, and then ensures the immobility of the needle. Bone marrow sampling is performed with a syringe in an amount of 0.5-1 ml.

If the puncture failed to collect bone material, then the needle without removing, shifting slightly, and then try again. After the material is removed a syringe with a needle, and the puncture site with a sterile band-aid glue. In connection with the risk of coagulation of brain cells prepared smears are examined immediately. Excess blood in the preparation of the material is removed with filter paper.
Patients, for a long time, taking steroids, have a tendency to osteoporosis. Therefore, bone marrow biopsy in such patients should be undertaken with caution.

If the operation for the patient

When performing bone marrow aspiration unwanted effects, but they are very rare. Primarily, this is due to infection of the cavity, which is located in the bone marrow. Harm to internal organs is possible only in case of gross infringements of rules of carrying out of the method. Damage to large vessels when performing such an operation is simply impossible due to the anatomical characteristics of a person.

Procedure puncturevine in children, especially newborns, has its own characteristics. In connection with the risk of puncture of the sternum it is held in the upper third of the tibia or the calcaneus.