The best moisturizer for eyes is the one that has been specially provided by nature. It is perfectly familiar to all: it tears. If deliberately to provoke themselves, their appearance does not come out, and your favorite genre in film is not a melodrama, it is possible to resort to artificial substitutes. At the pharmacy you can buy special drops to moisturize the eyes, called artificial tears.


When the eyes are very dry, you may be feeling like they hit the sand. In some cases the reason can be dust particles, from which the eyes are not protected. And it may be that the blame the wind or the sun, which can cause dryness and discomfort in the eyes. To protect enough just to use sunglasses, which will serve as a barrier to all these phenomena.

Dryness and irritation of the eyes may appear even from the ordinary chronic lack of sleep. For full recovery after a busy day, eyes need 7-8 hours of rest.

Charging for the eyes

Prolonged work at the computer the eyes are required to periodically give a little rest. This break can be spent more usefully, if you perform a simple eye exercise: look out the window, focusing on some distant object, then shift attention to the closest object, e.g., window glass. This procedure should be repeated several times.
Computer work is associated with another cause of dry eyes - lack of frequent blinking. Immersed in business, people forget about this stuff. To eyes started to dry, sometimes it is enough just to blink more often.


Dry eyes can cause some cosmetic products such as eye pencils. Too often their use often leads to blockage of the glands that secrete oil. With its lack of moisture from the eye evaporates too quickly, and there is a feeling of dryness. To avoid such consequences should be less likely to use such cosmetics, especially should not do this in the heat.

Contact lenses

The cause of dry eyes can be and contact lenses, especially their varieties with soft materials - the moisture from the eye is partly absorbed by them, which leads to irritation. To get rid of the uncomfortable feelings you can use moisturizing drops, designed specifically for people who wear lenses. In an extreme case, there is another option - to refuse from contact lenses in favor of prescription lenses.