Before taking methods of dealing with the pain, you need to determine what it can be caused by. A big difference if the pain is caused by trapped in the eye with a speck or a serious disease. Some anxiety symptoms can be cured on their own, others can not be ignored, and need to go to the doctor. For example, you need to act immediately if:- you have hurt and damaged the eyeball; in eyes, a foreign body, which cannot remove by yourself;- pain lasts for more than 48 hours;- pain deteriorating eyesight;- have appeared headache, nausea.Please contact as soon as possible to the eye doctor and follow his recommendations. Remember that we are talking about your vision.But most often pain in the eyes caused by more "everyday" reasons, but that doesn't mean that you can ignore them. For example, eyes are often sore after a long stay at the computer. This is due to several factors: - look for a long time remains motionless; the eyes are in the same situation;- the monitor comes bright lighting;- due to a rare blinking, the eyes dry up. All of this can cause burning, dryness, irritation and eye pain. So we need every hour for 5 minutes to get off the computer and give your eyes a chance to relax. It is recommended to purchase eye drops with the effect of artificial tears, which will not allow the eyes to dry out. Do not neglect the exercises for the eyes and, of course, special glasses for computer work and reading.Affect the eye condition also can bright light and wearing glasses. In the first case it is necessary to reduce the impact of bright light on the eyes. Especially dangerous is the reflection of the sun on the snow, so don't forget about sunglasses and in the cold winter. If the fault is in the pain points, ensure that they are suitable for you, vision is not deteriorated. For Troubleshooting reasons, try to wear glasses only when absolutely necessary. If the eyes are sore because of fatigue or lack of sleep, then wipe with a decoction of strong tea is the right method, quickly removes not only the pain but also inflammation. It not afraid to use when the first alarming symptoms.