To restore vision after computer, start with prevention. Otherwise, if result appears, which is unlikely, it will be insignificant. So do work regular breaks.
Regardless of the sensations in the eyes, two hours later, after working at the computer step away from the monitor at least two feet. Sitting in a chair (in the chair), sit on its back, close your eyes and attach them to the palm of your hand. In this relaxed state continue to feel the comfort in his eyes. Next, start the eye exercise, which consists of a few simple exercises, training different muscles of the eye.
In a fixed head position move your eyes from the ceiling to the floor and back in the same way to the sides. Perform each exercise 10 times. Make eyes eight (translate view from the upper left corner to the bottom right and Vice versa). Then follow these eyes 8 circular motion alternately in each direction, and then often-often blinked.
Go to the more effective exercises for the eyes. Draw on the window (glass) marker pen bold point. It should be at eye level in the sitting position and at a distance of 0.5 meters. Look at the point and then on the same level find the window any subject. Translate unblinking gaze on a point on a distant object. Do this exercise during each break (2 hours) for at least 5 minutes. In the same way can find in the office a distant and nearby object and perform the exercise in the same spirit.
Complete the exercises for eyes relaxation. Again close the eyes and attach them to the palm of your hand. Then stand up and mash all the body. This is necessary to relieve congestion, which is a contributing factor to decreased vision.
At moderate violations of regular eye exercise is able to completely restore vision after computer, and when expressed partially. It can be done at home, at work, on the street. In addition to the usual exercises for the eyes, use glasses and professional relaxation exercises for the eyes corresponding to the eyes.
In addition to charging for the eyes, fortify them with vitamins A, E, b, C. Breathe the fresh air, exercise. These General guidelines are a necessary component of good vision.
To completely restore vision after computer, you may need a long execution of the same exercises for the eyes. In addition to independent of their implementation, consult an ophthalmologist to obtain individual recommendations.