Reasons for watery eyes

Most people complain that they begin to tear the eyes as soon as they go outside. This tearing causes the person a lot of inconvenience in communication, because the surrounding people may not immediately understand why the person suddenly started crying without any reason.

As a rule, it is considered that the flowing tears from his eyes only when the person is very upset. The result of the lacrimal glands begin to produce large amounts of liquid, which does not have time to leave lesovyvozka channels. The tears are formed in the region of the orbit of the eyes, then they flow down the front surface of the eyeball, thus moisturizing the cornea.
When going outside because of the wind, in humans, there is spasm of the tear duct, causing tears can not fully get away from the eye slit into the cavity of the nose, and eventually causes the tearing.

If you have severe tearing, you should not expect that all will pass by itself. Immediately consult an ophthalmologist, he will be able to find out the cause of watery eyes and prescribe the correct treatment.

Eyes can tear because of the high sensitivity of the cornea of the eye to wind or sunlight. This is usually seen in people as congenital disorders. In this case, when you exit on the street, wear sunglasses.

The cause of the epiphora can be and external factors. For example, wearing contact lenses, use of poor quality cosmetics and low humidity in the room.

Constant eye strain due to computer work, reading or an incorrect selection of contact lenses can also contribute to watery eyes. To find out whether these factors cause, try a few days not wear contact lenses, do not sit at the computer for a long time and try to give more rest to your eyes. If improvement does not occur, probably caused by bad cosmetics. To determine whether the cosmetics is the source of the problem is very simple, you just need some time not to paint eyes.

What to do if watery eyes

As first aid measures eyes you can use lotions of bags black or green tea. They comfort the eyes and relieve irritation. You can also wash the eyes with a weak solution of welding.

Folk remedies excellent remedy for watery eyes is a decoction of millet. To do this, boil 1 liter of water and put in boiling water 2 tbsp of washed millet. Boil the broth on low heat for 10 minutes, then remove from heat and let cool. Wet swabs in a warm decoction and apply on eyelids for 10-15 min. Already after 7 days after treatment of wheat decoction eyes stop watering outside.

To soothe the eyes and relieve eye irritation also help of chamomile, aloe, rose hips, calendula, cornflower petals, thyme, plantain and caraway seeds. Decoctions of these herbs, make lotions and thus removed inflammatory processes.