Dry eyes while wearing lenses

When wearing lenses problem dry eye is particularly acute. To wearing lenses comfortable, eyes should be well hydrated, otherwise, there is a sense of "scratching" in the eye.

With the combination of risk factors such as computer work, wearing contact lenses the risk of dryness in the eyes increases. Often, even if the normal functioning of the tear glands produced tears is not enough for the qualitative moisture of the conjunctiva.

It would seem that you can go to the drugstore and buy any drops. Modern pharmaceutical market is even ready to provide options artificial tears. But for contact lenses need special care, and to prescribe eye drops is not worth it. For example, many antibacterial drops even more dry eyes with lens. And hormones can even change the properties of the lens.

Features moisturizing drops for lenses

Rewetting drops while wearing contact lenses are chosen such that they are not only sufficiently moistened mucous membrane of the eye, but also to ensure good sliding of the eyelids.

From the long-known wetting drops can pay attention to the drops of Renu company. Drops B&L specially formulated for sensitive eyes and contact lenses — they provide a good moisture resistant and smooth sliding of the century. Drops possible without removing the contact lenses, making them very comfortable.

Drops Sensitive Eyes Lens Lubricant for sensitive eyes is also very good to moisturize the conjunctiva. Due to their affinity with the natural tear, they contribute to the removal of foreign bodies from the conjunctival SAC, have a slight calming effect on the eye, reduces the feeling of dryness.

Drops Comfort Drops from the company Sauflon has moisturizing and lubricating properties, are great for all types of soft contact lenses.

All drops are designed to moisturize and lubricate, you need to bury in the morning and evening and 3-4 times a day as needed. This constant moisture ensures comfortable wearing contact lenses.


Before you go to the pharmacy for drops, visit your ophthalmologist. He will assess the condition of your eyes, it is possible that the discomfort while wearing contact lenses is associated with inflammation of the conjunctiva. Also, the dryness can be caused by an allergic reaction to the liquid to store the lenses. That's why a moisturizing drops should be for your optometrist.