Why tired eyes?

Eye muscles are no different from any other, under the influence of prolonged stress, they just get tired. To focus the eyes on close objects, internal straight eye muscle tenses, so when you work at a computer, when writing or reading eyes get tired faster than when you have to look into the distance (in this condition the load is distributed on all the muscles evenly). Also, when a person is in a state of concentration and focus for long on any subject, he rarely blinks, as a result, the surface of the eye rarely receives the necessary moisture, dry. There is a feeling of discomfort, fatigue, burning sensation. Eyes look red, inflamed, they begin to tear.

How to remove eye fatigue?

To prevent eye fatigue, try to blink more often while working at the computer. Arrange regular holiday: every fifteen minutes, move your eyes to the window, looking into the distance for a few seconds, then close your eyes, blinked, and move them in different directions.

Drink more water so your face doesn't dry up. If this does not help, use special eye drops – "artificial tears". Eat vegetables and fruits to provide the vision the right amount of vitamins, especially ascorbic acid is important, the lack of which is responsible for the sensitivity of the eye. Follow work environment: lighting should be uniform, good brightness of your monitor or TV does not have to be strong. Do not approach the subject you want to focus on TV, the book is more than necessary for a comfortable view.

If eyes are tired, use this exercise. RUB between palms until they become warm. Attach them to the eyes so that the fingers were crossed and lay on the bridge of his nose. Palm needs to completely close the eyes: open them using should not be light. Close the eyelids, breathe evenly and sit there for a few minutes. During this time the muscles relax, to rest my eyes from the light and recover.

Put on the closed eyelids cloth moistened with warm water, infusion of tea, or raspberry leaf. After try to gently massage the eyelids for a few minutes. Now you can make a small gymnastics: move your eyes left, right, up and down, move your eyes from close to distant subjects with closed eyes, draw them imaginary circles and eights.