Redness protein the eye is an extension of the tiny blood vessels inside the eyefulls of Apple. This happens due to fatigue and over-voltage, under the action of mechanical damage, as well as due to allergic reactions to cosmetics or medications. Sometimes the redness is a sign of infectious disease or to a chronic shortage of any nutrients. And because of different reasons – to combat redness it is necessary differently. If you know that irritation, fatigue and redness caused by heavy load, it is necessary to take appropriate action. Work with the computer, of course, change is not necessary, but it makes sense to think about how you can improve the condition of their weary eyes areOK during the day. First, never neglect the additional sources of light near the computer or a book. The fact that the electronic monitor lights up, does not mean that it is not necessary to turn on the lamp or overhead light. Make a habit good lighting while you work and feel that the tension is greatly reduced.Modern means, removes redness, act on the result without eliminating the causes. They constrict dilated capillaries, giving you temporary relief and resulting in a more or less decent view. But to abuse such drops are not worth it. If redness caused by the strong tension, high blood pressure or a chemical burn, after 10-15 minutes, your red eyesKi will return to its previous state, regardless of any drugs. As a temporary relief good idea to use a towel soaked in cold water, or ice. It will also cause vasoconstriction.Eyes like all other organs of our body have a special diet and exercises. Drink fresh carrot juice, eat blueberries and try to at least every half hour to look away from the glowing monitor and look around. No matter what you contemplate, but still better to look at distant objects. The fact that with the dawn of development of mankind, people used to look into the distance in search of food and possible dangers. Eye much more comfortable to observe objects further away than those located under the nose. Keep this in mind and let your eyesam comfortable.Nothing restores the natural state of your eyesthan tears. So try to blink more often, not to allow proteins to dry. The same purpose can be purchased at the drug artificial tears. Its application will allow you to get rid of the discomfort and create the much desired comfort.