You will need
  • - a database of phone numbers of MGTS;
  • - help Desk phone numbers MGTS;
  • reference book of phone numbers of MGTS.
If you are interested in how to find someone's contact details, for this there is a database of all telephone subscribers. Here are all the phone numbers and information about the address and name of the person. There is one drawback – many people rent housing. In this case, the right person in the database is not found.
The easiest way to get any phone of the Moscow city telephone network address is to call the help Desk and just ask the phone number indicating the address and the initials of the necessary person. Likely will help you here. But there are rare cases when such a service is not running. You can try to find the phone database on the Internet. In addition ' it is important to know, though not necessarily, surname and initials. It makes much easier to search, as is often the sorting is done by name of the subscriber.
There is another way: there are books where you can find all the detailed information. Such handbooks can be found on mail in the office and even in some public phone booths, which is rare. Find the phone number of the Moscow city online at is possible. So if you didn't work the first time, try again, but in a different way, and get lucky. The main thing - put a little extra effort and you will surely achieve the desired goal.