If you need a phone organization, then the easiest option is to call the help Desk by phone 09 or 009 (when calling from a mobile phone). Ask the operator to report the phone number corresponding to the organization name or its address. Also you can report landline telephone number registered at the mentioned address. This information is not closed, as is regularly published in telephone directories.
Use to search for phone numbers web sites providing similar services. For example, the resource "2GIS". This is a free electronic directory that provides information on many cities of Russia and Ukraine. You can download and install on computer the program "2GIS", then the reference will always be at your fingertips. And you can use the online version, clicking on the "Online version", then on the icon "Go right now". Lead in the form fields with the existing information and press the "Find" button. All suitable options will be displayed. The web-site does not require registration, send sms messages, etc.
Situation is more complicated in that case, if you need to know mobile phone number. In urban information service, such information is not available, the cellular operators too will not share it, as keep confidential information about their customers. The only option is to look for the correct phone in databases in the Internet. If the phone belongs to the organization, the probability to find it large enough. For example, try to go to the sites "base", "' Moscow" "Addresses and telephone numbers of Moscow". Alternatively, type in a search engine request "yellow pages Moscow" and look for a suitable reference.
If you failed to find your desired phone, try searching the CDs databases with telephone numbers of Moscow. You can order them online or look on the famous crust.