Go to helpdesk To find a phone number in Moscow, select the section "Addresses and phones". Select a city. Next, click on the link "Moscow address-telephone reference book". In the opened window enter the name of the person and, if known, the initials are to find a phone number. Next, specify the number of records that will be displayed on the results page, click "Search".
Use the online telephone directory. To do this, follow the link Enter information known about the person in the form of search of phone in Moscow: surname, name, patronymic. You can also specify the approximate age of the person, if you do not know the exact date of birth. Next, click "Find".
Go to the website to find the phone of a man in Moscow. Enter the name and, if known, the name and patronymic of the person, then click the "Find"button.
Or use To find phone numbers from the drop-down list to select the country (Russia), then you need the city (Moscow). Then in the next field enter the name of the person.
If you know his name or patronymic, enter them in the appropriate fields to narrow your search. Click "Search people." If you know the exact surname, enter only the part, for example, "John", if you are not sure, for example, a name of a person or Ivanitsky Ivanenko.
Go to the website to find the number of the person in Moscow. Enter the name, select the degree of overlap: first-letter, partial or full. If you know the initials enter them in the field. Click "Search".