You will need
  • disk directory or an Internet connection.
Use the special directories of subscribers in your city to determine home phone number by address or name. Such handbooks can be purchased in the markets of your city, and bookstores, or download the appropriate online database, such as, for torrents. Also you can get the necessary information on the city forums or on the official websites of the technical support local phone company.
Find out the home number of the subscriber, by executing the corresponding query on the website Select the city where there are an estimated subscriber enter into the form the information – surname, initials, first name, patronymic, telephone number or address of residence (registration) and press Enter. In the list of results, select the one that best matches the query criteria.
Call the technical support the city's telephone station or go to her official website. Find out the special service number where you can receive the necessary information about the subscriber. Please note that the room may be different when you dial from landline and mobile phone.
Call received number, wait for answer of the operator and learn from him the necessary information about the subscriber. Please note that it is mandatory should belong to the service company. It is rare that information about users of the services of third-party organizations will be stored in the databases of the local PBX. It is possible that your request will be available a few suitable options, so write them all to check each. Also note that in the databases of the operators can be allowed some mistakes.