Call to free help service 09 or pay - 009. Minute call in the second case will cost you 35 R. but you will get the most comprehensive information. The expense for this service will come to you by mail and will be included in a conventional receipt for payment of telephone services. It is important to keep in mind that the certificate relates solely to fixed telephone numbers.
Be sure to consider the following situation: if the subscriber wished at the conclusion of the contract for the service to hide your number phone, a free referral service to help you can not. If your serious intention to talk to the person living at the indicated address, the paid service will connect you with him, not disclosing the number of his phone. In this case, the operator will call you back when you and your partner are ready to joint communication.
Visit the websites of telephone operators. For example, in the near future, SSA plans to provide a similar service online, which of course is much easier to find non-hidden phone numbers.
Use search engines and online databases and address-phone book where the search string should score your existing settings. Here it is important to make information known using accepted system of abbreviations. Database are made by enthusiasts and casual users and are updated frequently. They entered all the information available in the network. By making a address in the search box, you will be able to know you are interested in a room phone, if he ever appeared on the Internet.
Contact your friends and acquaintances who have access to informational systems and databases, with which you can solve your problem. Rely only on reliable sources, do not violate personal freedom and human rights.