The easiest and most obvious way is to take advantage of the fact that almost all mobile phones have a function for automatically determining the room. Call from city phone on a private mobile number and copy visvedevas numbers. Or call someone and ask them to send you the number by sms. However, if your city room, locked e "eight", and to call on his cell from a Federal roomom with it, then in this way use will not be.
In this case, try to find bills for landline – they come every month and each mandatory specify the number of the phoneyou pay for. This is your urban room.
You can try to find your phone on the Internet. To do this, Google the words "base" and the name of the city you live in. Then enter your home address and home phone will be found. Note, however, that as a rule such "telephone directory online" trust is not always possible to place such information in the network actually impossible, and such telephone databases are usually far from complete, and the data would long ago be out of date. But sometimes they still manage to find the title.
If none of these methods work, call the free physician referral service by phone 09 and find out the reference number of telephone public telephone network. Dialing it you will be able to know the number your phone "first hand".