You will need
  • Phone book, Internet, computer.
To confirm a room , you must know the address of residence and name of the person to whom it is registered. If you have the necessary information, you will find number phone. The most simple way would be a phone call to the help Desk – calling the operator the address and name of the owner, you will be able to specify his home room.
In addition to the helpdesk, you can also use your phone book, which can be purchased at any Newsstand in the city. Look in the book the letter that begins the surname of the owner of the roomand, after which, according to ' find out his home phone. We can not exclude the fact that you are interested in, the subscriber may not be in the phone book (this happens, if the person recently moved to a new address and it is not time to make the General list).
In search of you are interested in the roomand the home phone can also help the Internet. Here you only need to download the electronic version of the telephone directory and install it on your computer. After the program is installed, you will need to enter the name and residential address of the desired subscriber – information about him numbere home phone will be automatically displayed on the monitor.