You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - landline phone.
Dial the number of the helpdesk, if you know the exact address and name of a person to learn a home phone. Generally this is a phone 09, regardless of what city you live CIS.
Open a browser, enter the address to learn a landline phone number in Moscow. You enter the known information in the fields "Surname", "Name", "Patronymic". Click the Enter key. The list will show the found subscribers indicating the home address, from which you can select the one you need and the last column to see phone number necessary person. To search a home phone in other cities select a city from the list on the right side of the window.
Use the online directory telephone numbers of Moscow, which is on the website Complete the information in the field "Surname", "birthday", "Name", "Patronymic name", "Age", "Street", "House", "Building", "Apartment". Click on the "Find" button. If the search yields no results, try changing the criteria to look for on the street without specifying a house number. For phone search to other cities in Russia and Ukraine, select from the list on the left and right.
Search phone in Moscow on the website, follow the link, click the word "Moscow address-telephone reference book". Enter information in the field "Street", "House", "last Name", click "Search".
Go to the website to learn home phone in Ukraine. Select the desired telephone directory, should fill out the subscriber's name, house number, housing and apartments, from the list select the street. Instead of the missing characters, use the lower hyphen, for example, if you know what apartment number starts with 1 and consists of two digits, enter 1_. Or do not remember the end of the names - Petro. Click on the "Request"button.