Lump in the groin: what is this disease and why it occurs?

Bump, jumped in the groin area is a symptom of the development of the inflammatory process in the lymph node. This disease is called lymphadenitis, and the causes of its occurrence are as follows:
- latent infection;
current inflammatory or malignant process in the body.

However, it is not always so scary. The lymph node in the groin area may increase and after a slight overvoltage of the lymphatic system, but only in the absence of pain.
Sexually transmitted diseases are often the reason for the increase of lymph nodes in the groin area. In the absence of casual sex is necessary to take a blood sample and look for another reason for the rejection.

The same causes of lumps in the groin in men and women?

In addition to inflammatory and neoplastic processes, of the increase of lymph nodes in the groin area can be very different genital infections, HIV and AIDS. In men the appearance of a lump in the groin could cause testicular cancer in women – benign cysts.

Kidney stones, lipoma, allergic reactions, hernia, hypothermia lower body can also be causes of enlarged lymph nodes both in men and women. If the bumps do not disappear, but continue to grow, causing pain as soon as possible to consult a doctor.

Ways to eliminate bumps in your groin

Setting the exact reason for rejection – the first step to successful treatment. If the appearance of bumps accompanied by pain and itching in the genital area, nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen and during urination, it is compulsory to inform the specialist.
Inguinal hernia, whose symptoms are similar to the sensations when lymph nodes increase, it is usually found in men. The development of the disease accompany the pain of different intensity.

On the basis of the clinical picture and results of analyses the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment. So, if the cause of lump in the groin was an inflammatory process, the patient will be assigned to the anti-inflammatory and antihistamines.

If the provoking factor was the tumor, the patient will be offered surgery to remove it. The same applies to the inguinal hernias, medication which haven't been invented yet.

It happens that the lymph nodes in the groin are increased after injury of the feet, or due to a fungal infection of the foot. In this case, they lead to normal as well as treat infectious diseases.

The danger untreated lymphadenitis is its transition into a purulent form. And if at first, enlarged lymph nodes did not cause discomfort, if untreated, they will become painful, and the overlying skin will turn red and will raise the local temperature.