Causes fungus in the groin

The main and most important cause of fungal disease in the groin - of course, the infection is fungal in origin. Sometimes you can see the transfer of pathogenic microorganisms from an infected person to be completely healthy. This disease is transmitted by close contact, sexual intercourse, sharing bedding or towels. Often to pick up a fungal infection in the pools, saunas and steam baths.

Fungus in the groin may appear for other reasons, which include, for example, weakening of the immune system. Opportunistic microorganisms are on mucous membranes of humans, and with a weak immune system, they can start their development. Besides poor health, these microorganisms multiply on the human skin.

A warm and humid environment – ideal conditions for the development of fungal diseases. As a consequence, the fungus and occurs in skin folds, particularly the groin area. Special risk of fungus in the groin attach excessive sweating, diseases of the endocrine system, sock narrow linen from synthetics and neglect personal hygiene.

The symptoms of inguinal fungus

To determine the appearance of the fungus in the groin is not a difficult task. The symptoms of inguinal fungus pronounced. In the outer part of the inguinal region at the initial stage of fungus in the groin are formed red spots. Plus, these spots are accompanied by severe itching and burning sensation, sometimes causing the unpleasant sensation of pain.

At later stages of the disease the skin in the groin area starting to crack and assosiates. Peeling skin in the groin area becomes even more unpleasant sensation than itching. Sometimes the stains appear small pustules or crusts are yellowish.

Fungal diseases appear in the groin, perineum and anus. Himself sexual organ gets damaged relatively rare. Only sometimes the penis can occur inflammatory process.

Treatment of fungus in the groin

When observing certain symptoms in a person should immediately consult a medical professional. For diagnosis, the doctor will suggest a treatment called scraping. The results of the procedure will help with maximum precision to determine the diagnosis.

Treatment of the inguinal fungus in men can take from one to two months. The causative agents of fungal infection is very diverse, depending on their type selected drugs for the treatment of inguinal fungus. The most common remedies for treatment of fungus in the groin are gels and ointments for external use. Treat groin fungus drugs containing miconazole, clotrimazole, terbinafine. Also are widely used tools against inflammation. The affected skin should be treated with talcum powder and antiseptics.