Advice 1: Than to treat the white pimples around the head of the penis

Men are afraid of certain lesions on their genitals. Any swelling can cause terrible thoughts about any sexually transmitted infections. For example, white pimples formed around the head of the penis, can seriously scare the man.
White pimples around the head of the penis is not a viral infection!

Pimples around the head of the penis is the norm?

Sometimes around the penis head, there is a so-called "pearl ring". This variety of white and almost always painless nodules under the skin. The doctors say that in this case it is the norm. "Pearl ring" indicates an increase in the sebaceous glands. Interestingly, exactly the same rash can be observed on the skin of the penis.
Very often small white pimples around the penis head during adolescence boys. This is the norm, since in this case we are talking about the natural functioning of the sebaceous glands of the skin of the penis.

Treated if white pimples around the penis?

Sometimes it happens that these harmless white dots start to cause the men some discomfort, and sometimes pain during sex. But don't worry. These rashes, in principle, amenable to treatment.

The simplest method to treat pimples is the observance of basic personal hygiene. In addition, it is recommended to follow a diet and not try to squeeze these pimples. The fact that whiteheads may occur because of incorrect nutrition. It is necessary to refuse salt, smoked and, of course, fat. Don't abuse sweets and flour products.
Sometimes pimples formed around the head of the penis, can be black or red. They should not be afraid. Similar rashes may occur on other parts of the body. To squeeze them is not necessary, otherwise it could get infected.

You can also use special antibacterial gels designed for intimate hygiene of their genitals.

In any case, before doing self-treatment, you need to seek the advice of a specialist. Only a doctor can correctly diagnose a white rash around the penis head. It is not recommended to ask such advice through online consultants on some Internet portals. If they believe that they diagnose with just a picture of his penis. It is not serious.
Molluscum contagiosum is a viral disease that manifests itself in many areas of the body, including the genitals. Externally there is a rash of white painless spots, located at the base of the penis or on the head.

If the diagnosis was not so harmless and the rash is HPV infection, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In this case, the treatment of white pimples may be liquid nitrogen, resection, or surgical laser.
In complex therapy treatments for warts includes the prescription of a doctor antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

Advice 2: How to treat delirium tremens

Delirium tremens - acute postalcohol psychosis is common in people, often receiving alcoholic beverages with high ethanol content. Rarely, the disease manifests itself in a period of hard drinking, most visible symptoms appear in 2-4 days after the last dose of alcohol, and even later. The fever is very scary and serious disease that requires fast treatment under the supervision of a specialist. So, if you see someone close to strong agitation, inappropriate behavior, and hallucinosis, immediately consult a doctor.
How to treat delirium tremens
Call an ambulance, the patient needs to be hospitalized. At the hospital, he begins to undergo treatment with psychotropic drugs, mainly neuroleptics. Doses of drugs is quite high, so to treat them at home impossible, and dangerous to leave a person with hallucinations of one, or the loved ones.
As delirium tremens - the effects of insomnia on the background of severe intoxication, the person will enter and narcotic drugs. The first days you will not be able to visit the patient, he will sleep most of the time. This should not scare you, restoring the nervous system occurs this way. After 2-3 days the dose of hypnotics will be significantly reduced, but it is provided that the patient began to feel better.
The patient will be administered high doses of drugs that produce intoxication. These drugs are paid, but sometimes they are administered free of charge. Detoxification will be carried out for 5-7 days, sometimes longer. It all depends on symptoms of disease and the overall health of the patient.
Living conditions in the hospital not to everyone's liking, but no matter how ask the patient to pick it up earlier than 15-21 days, don't do it. The crisis may begin at day 14 after the person has stopped drinking. During treatment, he put down not only neuroleptics, but also give supportive therapy of vitamins.
After treatment, keep the patient continued taking some prescription drugs for the required period. Without this, the next bout of delirium tremens may begin in a more severe form. Visual and auditory hallucinations may bring the patient to suicide. Be very careful and contribute to people received treatment for alcoholism, because withdrawal symptoms are not talking about complete cure of the disease, she can go after 50 g of vodka.

Advice 3: How to treat HPV in men

Papilloma is a viral disease characterized by a change of tissue growth. Transmitted primarily through sexual contact. Today there are about 100 types of human papillomavirus, 40 of which affect the genitals and rectum. Outwardly manifested as warts, growths and nodules in the anus and external genitalia.
How to treat HPV in men
For the treatment of papillomas of the use of specific antiviral agents, such as interferon preparations. Also effective podophyllaceae funds. Among ointments, or gels, use ones that contain the basis of high molecular weight glycosides (sugar) – they contribute to additional production of interferon in the body. Just RUB them on the affected areas according to the instructions. Don't forget to consult with a specialist, he will prescribe all necessary medicines suitable for you.
Use of nonspecific immunomodulators, but be careful with them, as the human immune system is very sensitive to the slightest changes in her work. Consult your physician before to make a decision. Use the immunomodulators on the basis of glucosaminilmuramilpentapeptide and thymus extract. The drug use intramuscular injection according to the instructions.
Themselves papillomas are not absorbed, they will have to remove. There are surgical and chemical methods of removing structures. To surgical are surgical diathermy and electrocoagulation. There was widespread electrocoagulation, it allows you to remove the papilloma to a depth of 2 cm If you have chosen chemical method of removal, use preparations containing organic acids. Effective means as are preparations containing purified podophyllotoxin. They contribute to the destruction and denaturation of the entities. If you don't find any of the following methods, select the method of removing warts with a laser. This method is completely painless and allows you to avoid scars after removal.
As the main mode of infection of HPV is genital, after removal of the formations use barrier contraception. It is advisable to examine partner. If she would have detected the virus, it is also necessary to undergo treatment. So you can avoid the risk of re-infection.

Advice 4: How to treat whiteheads

White acne on the face, or Milia resemble scattered millet, also called "Bunting". They are formed when high fat content of the skin due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. The result is excessive formation of the secret of the gland is not emptied during normal daily cleaning of the skin.
How to treat whiteheads
To get rid of them, if you act in several directions. To reduce the production of sebum, observe certain rules of nutrition and daily cleansing of the skin, and apply special methods of emptying the sebaceous glands.
Start with the regulation of diet — eliminate all fatty, spicy, starchy and sweet. Instead of cakes and biscuits eat sweet fruits, animal fat, replace the oil. Pasta and roasted potatoes change on salads of raw vegetables or a stew. Include in the diet of low-fat cottage cheese and milk products.Such food helps to cleanse the liver and intestines of toxins. The result is reduced secretion of the sebaceous glands.
Visit the beautician or get rid of existing blackheads by yourself. Remove them by mechanical cleaning in the salon or at home, but strictly adhering to the rules of hygiene. Rasparte face over a bowl of boiling water or hot decoction of chamomile. Wash your hands and treat them with an alcoholic solution. Clean your face using your regular cleanser and remove dirt alcohol lotion. Gently, without pressing down on the acne by pressing the skin around it, remove education without a trace.
The force with which you push, should not be excessive and be accompanied by pain. Otherwise, in place of acne can form scars, which will get rid of. After remove all education, alcohol wipe the skin lotion and apply a soothing mask. For the manufacture of such a mask, mix 1 tablespoon of calendula tincture pharmacy 100 ml of warm water. Cut the piece of thin fabric holes for eyes and mouth. Then dampen the cloth with a solution, apply it on face and keep for 15 minutes.
After you have rid of existing acne and changed the diet, take steps to prevent new formations. In addition to daily cleansing with a cleanser and lotion, once a week, apply the peeling or cleansing mask. Use the salt scrub. To do this, mix 1 tablespoon of salt and sour cream, apply the mixture on skin, massage in and wash off after 10 minutes with water.
Cleans the sebaceous glands to release the secret of a yeast mask. For cooking 2 tsp fresh yeast, blend with 3% solution of hydrogen dioxide to the consistency of sour cream. Apply for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water or decoction of chamomile.
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