Even if your relationship last long, do not cease to flirt and flirt with your partner. Let your meeting will be full of intrigue and mysteries. Surprise your man. A look, a smile, a casual gesture – the weapon, which must skillfully use every woman.
Follow their appearance. It is important to distinguish between business and personal. For your men, particularly at home, try not to wear old jeans and a t-shirt or smock, and tight shorts and tight top. Can also hint your lover that you like to wear underwear. It's so "Horny" men.
Often tell the partner about their sexual feelings. He will try to bring you even more pleasure.
After taking a shower take the time to wear a nightgown or pajamas. More seductive for your man seem translucent robe, smelled not fully opening and delicate part of your body.
Don't skimp on the sweet words and affection. Before sleeping you can quietly whisper it in my ear beloved something nice and tender.
Liven up your intimate life with your partner. Try different role playing games, unusual places for sex. Experiment. Sex should be spontaneous and sensual.
Intrigue can create an erotic dance in alluring underwear. It will be lace or silk – whatever. Just feel the desires of his men and act in accordance with them. Stockings and corsets are also welcome.
During the day you can write your man a text about your sexual fantasies or to call on the phone out loud. You'll see, he will fly to you, flushed with passion and desire.
Have a romantic dinner. Create an intimate atmosphere. Light the candles, turn on relaxing music, put on a sexy dress...
After a hard working day, take along with your beloved bath make it a relaxing erotic massage.
Important not only the night but the morning. It should be nice and tender. Wake your partner a sensual kiss or a light touch up to touch his lips. Along with a man can Wake up and his passion.