Why do girls need to know about the erogenous places guys

Some girls mistakenly believe that the only erogenous zone boys is the penis. But in fact men are more romantic and sensitive than their beautiful halves. And erogenous places the boys as much as the weaker sex. If a girl will know about the sensitive areas on the body of the elect, and not to forget about them during sex, most likely, the experience will be much deeper and more vivid. Any guy will appreciate this care from his beloved.

Where are the erogenous places guys

One of the most sensitive areas representatives of a strong half of the ear and skin behind the ears. Any guy will not remain indifferent if the girl gently hold the tip of the tongue at the edge of the ear, gently nibbling the lobe and kissing behind the ear.

Another erogenous zone for men – the neck, especially the back and sides.
To give a delicate feeling for his elect, ocypete light kisses, these places, spend tongue on them.

Breasts and nipples is not only sensitive parts of the girls. Male similarly loves when their nipples licking and biting, not forgetting to shower kisses on his chest.

Your beloved is unlikely to abandon sensual erotic back massage. Because the back is a male erogenous zone. Light and pleasant massage, kissing and pressing womens breast to back guy is able to greatly excite him.

Most guys are very sensitive buttocks. To verify this, squeeze the buttocks of a loved one during a passionate kiss. Some men really like it when girls are pressed against the chest or abdomen to their buttocks.

Probably the most erogenous and spicy area guys can be called penis and the area around it. This is the male physiology in this area is concentrated a lot of nerve endings. Therefore, any touch of manhood capable of causing in him a storm of emotions. Guys like any touch of the lips, tongue, hands, feet, female Breasts to their penis and the scrotum. Especially sensitive is the head of the penis.
The only thing you need to remember the biting of these areas needs to be very very light, barely perceptible. Otherwise it will cause a negative reaction, because you will touch the most powerful nerve endings men.

Of course, it's not all sensitive body parts guys. More experiment, show imagination, and then each sex will be really unforgettable.