Advice 1: Where the erogenous places guys

Every human body individually, so sensitive areas are all located in different places. However, some parts of the body almost all men and women are erogenous.
Where the erogenous places guys

Why do girls need to know about the erogenous places guys

Some girls mistakenly believe that the only erogenous zone boys is the penis. But in fact men are more romantic and sensitive than their beautiful halves. And erogenous places the boys as much as the weaker sex. If a girl will know about the sensitive areas on the body of the elect, and not to forget about them during sex, most likely, the experience will be much deeper and more vivid. Any guy will appreciate this care from his beloved.

Where are the erogenous places guys

One of the most sensitive areas representatives of a strong half of the ear and skin behind the ears. Any guy will not remain indifferent if the girl gently hold the tip of the tongue at the edge of the ear, gently nibbling the lobe and kissing behind the ear.

Another erogenous zone for men – the neck, especially the back and sides.
To give a delicate feeling for his elect, ocypete light kisses, these places, spend tongue on them.

Breasts and nipples is not only sensitive parts of the girls. Male similarly loves when their nipples licking and biting, not forgetting to shower kisses on his chest.

Your beloved is unlikely to abandon sensual erotic back massage. Because the back is a male erogenous zone. Light and pleasant massage, kissing and pressing womens breast to back guy is able to greatly excite him.

Most guys are very sensitive buttocks. To verify this, squeeze the buttocks of a loved one during a passionate kiss. Some men really like it when girls are pressed against the chest or abdomen to their buttocks.

Probably the most erogenous and spicy area guys can be called penis and the area around it. This is the male physiology in this area is concentrated a lot of nerve endings. Therefore, any touch of manhood capable of causing in him a storm of emotions. Guys like any touch of the lips, tongue, hands, feet, female Breasts to their penis and the scrotum. Especially sensitive is the head of the penis.
The only thing you need to remember the biting of these areas needs to be very very light, barely perceptible. Otherwise it will cause a negative reaction, because you will touch the most powerful nerve endings men.

Of course, it's not all sensitive body parts guys. More experiment, show imagination, and then each sex will be really unforgettable.

Advice 2 : How to find the erogenous zones of the girl

Many men try to bring a woman maximum pleasure during lovemaking. To do this, they stimulate erogenous zones. Women have these points very much. Of course, they are purely individual, but there are main points.
How to find the erogenous zones of the girl

How to find your weak spot is your favorite?

Erogenous zones are sensitive areas of the body, stimulation of which leads to a sexual orgasm. There are several ways to find these sensitive places.

The first way – they need to look for lips. Many women are thrilled by kissing during sexual intercourse. Using "smack, smack" can be found on the body of women, the main erogenous zones. There are several types of kisses: a long, quick, wet and dry, and with a slight lick.

In this case, can help erotic touch. Important point: to succeed in this type of search, you need to trim the nails and remove any burrs, and you need to touch gently. The effectiveness of the method is that women have delicate and sensitive skin, so in the weightless touch it can respond very rapidly.

Do not forget about the scratching of the back. Women's love of the inexplicable. But every inch of the female back and butt just a storehouse of nerve endings. Touch can cause such a wave of "chills" that girl just lose your head.

The biting and pinching – erotic game with unpredictable outcome. To tweak can be all the woman's body. The main thing – not hard to feel a chicken carcass. Biting can also the whole body. Don't do it in silence, babbling in your ear nice things. Because women love with their ears.

The following method – polayana. It is best to slap on the buttocks. The main thing – do not do the girl hurt. If she is liberated enough, you can offer an erotic game in the "delinquent girl". Do not overdo it in this game, know the measure.

Perhaps, about squeezing know all men. This kind of foreplay was mastered by them even in infancy when they are at feeding time intuitively bowed handles his mother's breast. The compression of the female breast during orgasm really enhances it.

10 basic erogenous zones

According to the research results of scientists has identified a few key female erogenous zones. Their stimulation guarantees dizzying success in bed.

Eyelids and temples
They are a cluster of nerve endings. Women really like it when they kiss along the eyelid to the temple. Also sensitive area between the corner of your eye and temporal bone.

Neck and auricle
The back side of the neck and the ears and the area behind them to respond well to kisses. You can also try gentle stroking, licking and tickling tongue.

The shoulders and neck
Stimulation of neck and shoulder departments extremely pleasant. Here it is possible to apply more stringent tactics – passionate kisses, biting and energetic massage movements.

Zone "V" and the navel
Gentle movements come from the waist to the lower abdomen and the area "V" (the area between the pelvic bone in the lower abdomen and pubic bone, not exciting the genitals). Caress her, not down below.

Here there is a caveat. If your lady is ticklish, then this area is taboo for you. But if such it was not observed – hence, a gentle massage and stimulation of language reach their goal.

Very strong erogenous zone, and it requires a comprehensive approach. You can first gently stroke and compress them. Spanking until later, when my partner is thoroughly warmed up.

Inner thighs
Light strokes with your fingers will be just right to finally turn a girl on. Can easily kiss this area, not touching the genitals. Leave them for the next stage.

Advice 3 : Erogenous zones, or Horny girls capable of much

Horny girls not only get maximum satisfaction, but also deliver incredible sensations to her partner. When a woman excited in bed, the muscles of her pelvis become more relaxed, released copious vaginal lubrication, raises man to the peak of pleasure.
Erogenous zones, or Horny girls capable of much


How to turn a girl on?

Some men are mistaken, believing that enough to work the dick like a jackhammer to deliver the girl the most pleasure. The female orgasm is a very subtle thing. Besides these orgasms many types - clitoral, vaginal, anal, inkjet. Most often the partner does not even require penetration of the penis into the vagina to reach the peak of pleasure. Woman excite light stroking thighs, cunnilingus (which also needs to be done correctly), massage your lower back. The chest, contrary to popular belief, is not the most erogenous zone. Some women, even unpleasant to the touch nipples.

Universal recipe on how to turn a girl" does not exist. Each of the fair sex their erogenous zones. And find their worth, Horny girls in bed can work wonders.

How to find the erogenous zones

If you have a trusting relationship with a partner, find the erogenous zones get and easy. You ask the girl to show touching any part of the body most pleasant. This may be the buttocks, back, neck, feet, the area on the bend of the knee, inner thighs, labia, Breasts, ear. And some women have erogenous zones located in the most unexpected places - on the hands or sides. If a woman knows her body - she will tell you exactly where and how to touch her during sex. But if the girl herself does not know itself - look for erogenous zones together is so exciting!

How to give a girl maximum pleasure?

Excited girls are not always able to clearly answer what action was taken the maximum pleasure. So watch out for a response to a particular manipulation. If you see that the excitement starts to subside (she is moving less intensely, not moaning, the amount of vaginal lubrication decreased) - pay attention to the clitoris. Proceed as follows:

  • massage the area around the clitoris with a wet finger;
  • when the blood to the clitoris and it will increase in size, speed of finger movements;
  • do not touch sensitive itself, the bump - it can be unpleasant sensations (what we see in porn movies isn't a guide to action. Actually touch directly to the clitoris is like a very small number of women);
  • make a girl cunnilingus - gently swipe language and small sexual lips, the area around the clitoris. Gently touch the clitoris relaxed language and watch the reaction. If a girl like this touch continue.

When you see that the partner is close to orgasm - enter the penis's (not deep) it is in contact with the upper head, the most sensitive areas of the vagina. Fingers excite the clitoris, rapid movements massaging the area around it and the bump, if the girl is nice. The orgasm a woman will get very soon. And most likely it will be double pleasure - clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time. And if you're lucky, and you manage to turn a girl on as much as possible, you will see the most powerful jet orgasm, which indicates the peak of pleasure!

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