Men do not like to be the only initiators of intimacy. If a woman is indifferent to sex, the stronger sex offense and was plagued by thoughts that they are unwanted and this leads to uncertainty and tension. Women need periodically to show your enthusiasm and not to expect this from a partner.


If a woman is uptight and unable to give vent to his feelings, the man starts to doubt his actions and he feels that the relationship is insincere. Most men dream about uninhibited partners, so sex in the dark and under the covers very quickly they get bored. Having a fantasy about something more spicy that often leads to infidelity.


Men get crazy with the variety in sex. If a woman is from time to time to surprise their partner in bed and make sex life brighter, her partner will surely appreciate this and he will not have to look for novelty on the side. Sexual experimentation is what men like in bed the most.


Not only women love with their ears and need compliments. Men do not like to hear praise in his address, because these actions by women can raise their self esteem and make more confident.

Forbidden fantasies

Men especially appreciate women who understand men's nature. Often in his fantasies, men see a other girls, so if a man shared with his partner such thoughts, it's silly to make a scene of jealousy and look for flaws in yourself. Sexologists recommend to know the sexual fantasies of your lover and bring them into reality, because that's what I like men in bed. Of course, if the fantasy goes against your principles and beliefs, it is not necessary to transcend themselves, to please partner, there are other ways.


Wondering how to drive a man crazy in bed? Remember spontaneity is the best fuel for your libido. Men love the unknown, so new discoveries about sex contribute to the production of the hormone dopamine, which gives a sense of satisfaction. For example, every man wants to have sex in some unusual place, like in erotic films. So why not try and not give pleasure to the partner, and yourself.

Beautiful lingerie

Sexy womens outfit on the favorite is what do men want in bed the most. Beautiful lingerie, lace stockings, themed costumes (nurse, schoolgirl, teacher, strippers, etc.) give birth to men, and if a woman dressed like that will dance for your favorite lap dance, sex work passionate and both partners can get pleasure.

Knowing how to make men's fantasies into reality, not only to diversify the sexual life, but also to make the relationship stronger and more harmonious.