Kiss – intimate part of the game, a prelude to sex. To excite a guy kiss is not so difficult if you know how and where to kiss. It should be remembered that people are all different, and the erogenous zones they have are also different. To find out exactly how to excite a guy kiss have experienced by.

What kissing Horny guys

There is no definite answer to this question. First, how many men, so many sensations of his kiss. Second, there is no universal instruction how to kiss a particular guy. But there are averages on what kind of kiss is exciting. Thus, it is believed that a kiss on the lips brings 10 out of 10 guys. Thus someone excites only a light touch to my lips, and someone – a deep, passionate kiss. Check empirically, what makes the pulse of your guy to become rapid and the blood rushing to the most intimate place.

Tips for excitation

To excite the guy kisses, you need to be able to be "leading". If you took in their hands the initiative, then don't give up. Start the excitement and the conquest of his men with a gentle, tantalizing kisses on the lips, ears, neck. Gradually, when the guy will take your call, kisses to become deeper and more passionate, and your actions more openly and more relaxed.

Kisses in the erogenous zones will be able to bring a guy very quickly. 8 out of 10 guys get aroused by very gentle kiss on the back of the neck from the nape of the neck, collarbone and shoulders. Light touch of lips erogenous spots cause the respiration and pulse more frequent, the skin becomes more sensitive, and the excitement is rapidly growing.

In addition, the initiation should happen from kissing, forget foreplay at the same time. The guys are very excited not just hot kisses but also of parallel strokes and caress in intimate places. For example, the caress of the inner thigh. Such a gesture is very exciting. If your relationship does not allow such a blatant foreplay, while kissing to clasp the boy by the neck or head, gently massaging, whipping hair, burying his fingers in hair.

9 out of 10 guys love the contrasting kisses, which instantly starts. Alternate passionate and deep kisses with gentle and light touch of his lips. Such a contrast quickly sets in an erotic wave. While kissing, do not forget to caress the sky language. According to statistics it is one of the most erogenous parts of the oral cavity in men.