Find out the phone number of the automobile transport enterprise that owns the bus. He always recorded on Board taxis. If it's not there you can request a room from the driver.
Prepare all the necessary information. To quickly and accurately identify the violator, you may be asked to provide the following information: the number of the taxi, the time and place where there was an unpleasant incident.
Provide details to the chief of the motor transportation enterprise about the incident. It is possible that he will need additional information for a more complete picture of the incident.
In the case of repeated violations the driver of the same taxi contact higher authority. It may be transport or city Executive committees in which the Commission is responsible for supervising public transport.
The incident occurred in the night time? Contact the round-the-clock dispatching service. All your readings will be recorded and will be transferred for consideration to the transport Commission.
If there was an accident involving a minibus, and the driver fled the scene, contact the DMV. To do this you must first remember the number and route of the taxi, the approximate time and place of the accident and then pass the data to this service.
If the bus crashed into your car, submit a statement to the police at a motor company. As evidence of suitable and DVR, and the conclusion of the traffic police present at the scene of an accident.
When one is injured in a minibus and follow-up treatment in the hospital, gather the necessary information and doctors. All copies of documents along with the application for grant before the court. You have the right to demand the payment of moral damages and money for medical treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.