All complaints always serve only in writing. Start with a claim letter to the General Director of the service center or technical center. If the service network, write a letter directly to the head of the entire network and not the management in place. In this case, there is every chance that the letter will be considered in the legal Department and will give you the answer signed by the head. The Director in place interested only to hush up the scandal and such negotiations do not always lead to the result. If wine service is small, it makes sense to deal on the spot. But in serious cases it is necessary to involve higher management.
If the appeal to the leadership did not give the desired result, call the CPS in your city. To apply to the Federal service in days of reception personally, you can also send a letter of complaint by e-mail. To the letter attach a copy of the management response evaluation of the independent examination (if conducted) or decision of the insurance company. If we are talking about damage to car caused auto service, attach photos of defects. Within the statutory period you will receive a valuable reply about the review of your complaint. In case of positive decision a copy of the letter Rospotrebnadzor and send to the specified service.
Please contact public reception of the district Council (or the city administration or village). At the office of your complaint in writing, are obliged to accept and register. In this case, the letter to the service center with the question of regulation of the conflict will be sent to and from the district Council. So, after such a massive attack on the service from public authorities you have the chance to solve the conflict positively.
Write a review on the work of the technical center on special websites. You have every right to put a negative rating in the rating service and to describe the essence of your claims. This way you will help other consumers make the right choice when looking for a mechanic. And you, in turn, the search service, start with reading reviews about the service.