Postpartum discharge (lochia) is very similar to menstruation. But actually a month old they are irrelevant. The fact that immediately after delivery, the woman begins to bleed is the place where previously was attached to the placenta. The uterus after the placenta has a large wound, and until it is completely healed, the allocation and will continue until 8 weeks.

Then, when she begins to breast-feed the baby, menstruation may not appear until 6-12 months. This fact is absolutely normal because the body in this period just need to period stopped. This is because during lactation there is a constant loss of nutrients, as well as iron and calcium. And with the restoration of the cycle increases the likelihood of repeat pregnancy. To provide two tired kids after birth, the body is unlikely. Therefore, you should just be patient and wait until a woman's body fully recovers and, consequently, will come menstruation.

How much are monthly after childbirth

This question is particularly relevant with respect to the first menstruation after childbirth. The duration of menstruation after birth activity returns to normal immediately. However, they should not be too protracted, as if the bleeding persist more than 7 days and very abundant, it is a serious cause for immediate treatment to the gynecologist. Especially the woman should be alerted too intense selection, in which a woman is forced to change the gasket more than once for a few hours. The reason for this bleeding may be hormonal failure, and even the presence of a tumor in the uterus or inflammation.
It should be remembered that after giving birth via cesarean section lochia can go a little longer. Because the injured uterus will shrink slower.
As a rule, after childbirth, monthly change the nature of the discharge. But for every woman it is an individual. In any case, if any change is cause for concern, then a trip to the doctor no need to drag it.

The nature of menstruation after childbirth

In most cases, the resumption of the menstrual cycle after birth of a baby is not immediately apparent. Basically, it depends on the method of contraception. If the prevention of recurrent pregnancy were selected the intrauterine device, the allocation will become heavy and painful nature. And the color can become brighter, the consistency - with the presence of clots. If the woman decided to use the pill, can later be very scarce and even spotting period. This is due to the hormones contained in these pills and change hormonal balance.
Using tampons and pads usual is possible only after full recovery of the menstrual cycle. Tampons interfere with the free flow of blood, and the veins in the pads can irritate the injured mucosa.

If contraception is absent and the mother is completely healthy, the nature of menstruation is often changing for the better. May stop harassing PMS, but my period can be quite painless.