At what time recovering period after cesarean

The recovery time of the monthly cycle after cesarean section the same as the time of occurrence of the first menstruation after natural childbirth. Largely it will depend on the features of the woman's body, whether she is to breast feed the baby, women's age, pregnancy, quality of food and leisure, lifestyle, General state of the mother. If a woman is breastfeeding, first period will come in six to twelve months. If the child is on artificial feeding, the first menstruation may begin 2-3 months after C-section. The menstrual cycle becomes regular within two to three months.

After a baby born uterus starts to decrease rapidly for two months it acquires its former size. At the same time in norm comes the hormones, the ovaries begin to perform its regular function. During this period may experience bloody discharge, called "lochia". After delivery, a small "wound" at the point of attachment to the uterus of the placenta, it bleeds a while. Lochia have no relationship to monthly.

The reasons for the delay of the first menstruation after cesarean

It should be borne in mind that when breastfeeding, the appearance of menstruation and restoring the menstrual cycle may move away for a long time, as in this case, in a woman's body there is an active production of the hormone prolactin. He is responsible for milk production and suppresses the ovaries. Therefore, lactating mothers after caesarean period come much later than those women whose babies are bottle-fed.

If the month has not appeared a year after the C-section, you need to consult a doctor. Menstruation comes late, if the body is infectious inflammatory process. The doctor you need to see and in that case, if after cesarean section renewed monthly and there are six more days, one or two days, if the discharge is very abundant or, on the contrary, scarce, if at the beginning and end of menstruation observed prolonged spotting. Don't forget that lactation and absence of menstruation does not mean that a woman cannot get pregnant. The egg Matures for two weeks before the onset of menstruation, that time may be enough for conception. To get rid of world of trouble, anxieties and experiences, you need to remember about contraception, because the chance to carry and give birth to a healthy baby within a year after caesarean section is close to zero.