Menstruation is a hemorrhage occurring due to the exfoliation of the mucous membrane of the uterus after-ripened in this cycle the egg will not be fertilized.

For the first time this happens at the age of 12-14 years, but in some cases, menstruation may begin sooner or later depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. In the absence of disease of the sexual sphere in the age of first menstruation on the quality of life has no effect.

The menstrual cycle includes certain stages. In the beginning of the cycle the mucous membrane of the uterus begins to thicken in preparation for attachment thereto of a fertilized egg, at the same time Mature in the ovaries. In the middle of the cycle ovulation, if the egg meets the sperm, then fertilization occurs. In this case, the problem of why go monthly, ceases to excite, as pregnancy. Rarely this rule there are exceptions and menstruation continue after fertilization of the ovum.

If conception does not occur, to the end of the cycle, thickened endometrium starts to flake off and leave the body in the form genetalny bleeding. Repeat monthly on average once every 22 to 28 days but a cycle can be longer. Among the reasons why long periods are hormonal disorders, gynecological diseases, problems with the nervous system, wrong diet. In this case, expert advice is required.

Menstruation continues throughout the period, while the female body is able to conceive and bear children. The cessation of menstruation indicates the onset of menopause and averages 50-55 years. On the background of illness or stress, the menopause may start earlier.