Advice 1: At what age do women stop having your period

Usually menstruation in women with 11 to 15 years depending on the rate of maturation of the organism. Normal menstrual cycle consists of 28 days, but in some cases it can vary in different limits. With monthly age gradually cease, and a woman enters the menopause. So at what age this happens?
At what age do women stop having your period

Briefly about menstruation

In healthy women, periods come every month and last from four to six days. Sometimes the menstrual cycle slips, and they do not start on the scheduled numbers, and sooner or later the day marked on the calendar. It is quite normal for unfinished puberty, pregnancy and whether the postpartum period, however, the failure of the cycle for no apparent reason requires recourse to a gynecologist, who will find out the reason and help to solve it.

After the delivery month is temporarily replaced by specific allocations – lahiani that take place in two weeks.

During the feeding period of the child can completely disappear for a while. It is a natural process that is regulated by the body to prevent a new pregnancy in such a short time. In medicine this phenomenon is called lactational amenorrhea and should not be cause for concern.

Age cessation of menses

Complete cessation of menstruation in women in the first place depends on highly individual characteristics of the organism. This period is called the menopause, which usually begins with ' 41 to 60 years, whereas the average age of its occurrence – from 51 years to 53 years. The cessation of menstruation associated with loss of ovarian function, decreased production of hormones or surgical interventions in the urogenital system.

If the ovaries were removed due to their disease, menopause with complete cessation of menstruation can occur in thirty years.

Cessation of menstruation before the age of 38 years for no apparent reason may indicate premature ovarian insufficiency is a disease that must be treated. To restore menstrual and reproductive functions, women are prescribed drugs, which include female sex hormones.

Also in the early cessation of menstruation can be affected by such factors as constant stress, fasting, Smoking, vegetarian diet, irregular intake of hormonal contraceptives and even living above sea level above 3500 meters. However, controlled use of hormonal contraceptives is able to delay the onset of menopause due to the blockade of ovulation, which remains the follicular apparatus of the ovaries. This same apparatus is being destroyed by toxic substances of tobacco smoke, if a woman smokes per day over ten to fifteen cigarettes.

Advice 2 : Why period stopped

Some women complain of cessation of menstruation. This can be caused by various reasons, which can be installed by an experienced specialist after a full examination.
Why period stopped
First of all, the absence of menstruation can be associated with fertilization and pregnancy. The reason for this is revealed by a test, a blood test for HCG, a pelvic examination. As a rule, after the appearance of the baby born menstruation begins again.

The second reason is the cessation of menses and lactation, during which menstruation may be completely absent, having irregular or too scarce.

It can also happen that after menarche for 2-3 years, delays may occur for several months. You need to show the girl the children's gynecologist, who will answer all your questions.

Menopause is another reason for the cessation of menstruation. After 40 years of a woman's body undergoes hormonal changes associated with fertility. As a rule, first observed abnormal cycle, and then menstrual periods.

Menstrual disorders occur when changing lifestyle. for example, sudden weight loss, exhaustion, frequent nervous shocks and stresses of climate changes, hormonal failure in the body.

The last common cause is diseases of the genital organs. For example, a cyst of the corpus luteum leads not only to violation of the cycle, but also the emergence of a pulling pain in ovaries and lower back. Inflammatory process of the fallopian tubes and ovaries also there is the cessation of menstruation, which is accompanied by sharp pain in the groin.

In any case, to normalize a cycle, you should immediately consult a doctor, in order to ascertain the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment. After this, menstruation will recover.

Advice 3 : How are the first period

The growing up girls is not without the expected and important event such as first menstruation. As in the body of the girl, and her life will start change. Without exception for all girls waiting for the first period is an exciting event. However, understanding should come to the conclusion that in this process there is nothing alarming.
The first question of menstruation causes a lot of unrest and trouble
You need to mentally prepare for the process of the onset of the first menstruation. Usually it is around 11-16, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. So my period can come at 14, and someone first menstruation occurs only in 17. The first menstruation is also called menarche.
If your period is a long time coming, and all signs say that it is time to begin, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. After examination, the doctor can determine the cause and predict the approximate age of the first menstruation.
The most common fears of the onset of the first menstruation include: fear of pain during menstruation, the fear of losing too much blood, a doubt before the selection of hygienic means and others.
First period is a mandatory period in the body of healthy girls. Most girls are afraid of pain in the lower abdomen, back, chest during the onset of menstruation. However, not every girl menstruation is painful. It is worth remembering that pain during normal menstruation, when present, it is quite tolerable. In extreme cases, a gynecologist will prescribe pain medication that will help to better endure the subsequent period.
Don't worry about the amount of blood loss. Generally, the amount monthly for the time cycle is not more than 100 ml in order to exclude any bleeding, you should refrain from taking hot baths, Hiking in the bath, high physical stress. In all other respects, in the case of wellbeing, the girl can lead a normal lifestyle.
Menstruation itself lasts from two to seven days, but during the first menstrual period a possible exception. Thus, the first period may continue and one day and eight. Should have a calendar in which to celebrate the onset of menstruation, duration, and also to special notes. This information will be required on reception at the gynecologist.
Mandatory personal hygiene during menstruation that includes: receiving showering and changing hygiene products. In quality tools is recommended to choose strip. But it's worth noting that gynecologists are not forbidden to use tampons during the first period. The main thing in any of these options, to choose the right size and type of sanitary protection.
Two weeks before the start of the first menstruation, the girl can shift premenstrual syndrome. It is characterized by: increased irritability, tearfulness, frequent mood swings, fatigue and breast tenderness. These symptoms totally normal, which suggests that in the body there is a reorganization of a hormonal background.
It is also possible the appearance of pimples and acne, but do not worry, because they will disappear after menstruation will take place. It is recommended to clean the skin lotion and wash gel, in order to clean it from dust and excess sebum. Should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink juices, because in this period the growing body especially the necessary vitamins.
Menstruation itself may also be different for each girl. Possible depression, irritability, apathy, emotionalism, drowsiness. These statuses are normal during menstruation. Therefore, in this period it is recommended to avoid stresses and loads. You also need to control your mood and try to be tolerant with others, particularly with loved ones.
Useful advice
The first menstruation is a joyful event, because the girl turns into an adult girl, she will be ahead of many wonderful discoveries from women around the world.
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