Keep a special calendar or diary, to correctly calculate the length of your menstrual cycle. Mark it the beginning and end of the critical days. For a more complete picture may take a few months of observations. You can also record the days of abundant and scarce selections.
If you want to determine the approximate time of conception of the child, first of all, determine the length of the menstrual cycle. To do this, from the beginning of the last critical days count off seven or fourteen days (time of ovulation), this will be the approximate period from the date of pregnancy.
The duration of the menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of the critical days before the first day of the next minus 1. For example, the menstruation started on the 1st of January following – 28 Jan. Thus, length of menstrual cycle is 27 days. Taking similar notes for several months, you will be able to calculate the average duration and cycle and critical days.
Length of the menstrual cycle in healthy women ranges from 25-30 days, but this number can vary, for example, there are women whose cycle is equal to thirty-two days. If the fluctuations are not more than five or six days, it is considered that girls with regular menstrual cycle. If the difference is more than eight days, the breach is a symptom of any disease.
The duration of the critical days in the range of two to six days. If this period is much shorter or longer, you should seek the advice of a physician. Perhaps this is a symptom of some disorders in the organism, such as hormonal failure. However, it can be your individual characteristic.