Long period is normal or not

Long periods can be a normal variant. For example, when only set the menstrual cycle or during menopause. In addition, the period can last 10 days with an irregular cycle, but in this case, in the last days of bleeding should be spotting. In that case, if the cycle is already established (the first menstrual period was not less than 5 years), but monthly abundant and long, it is not the norm.

Why month long

Causes of prolonged menstruation can be different – from the body's response to stress to sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, long menstruation may indicate an insufficient production of progesterone, which is responsible for cessation of bleeding in the period of the cycle.

If periods are long and in the last days of selection especially abundant, the reason for this can be gynecological diseases and disorders in the functioning of the pelvic organs. For example, benign or malignant tumors in the female genital organs or dysfunction of ovarian.

Irregularities in functioning of the endocrine and reproductive system women can be triggered by unhealthy lifestyle, diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, tobacco addiction. In some cases, long periods are observed in ladies who are overweight.

Sometimes there can be a long menstruation during pregnancy, up to 10 days. Here, too, the causes may be different. This may be a feature of the female body, and a signal of a threatened miscarriage. Besides, some women have long periods after delivery or abortion.

What to doif periods are long

In any case, if you are faced with the problem of an abundant and long periods, need to go to the gynecologist. Only he can determine the exact cause of this phenomenon and, if necessary, to prescribe the necessary treatment.

There are folk remedies which are used for heavy menstrual bleeding, for example, a decoction of nettles. However, it should be used only after medical consultation.

To reproductive system functioned harmoniously, the woman should give up bad habits, especially the intake of coffee, alcohol and Smoking. It is proved that such addictions have a negative impact on the General state of the female body. In addition, to prevent the emergence of a long month, you should lead an active lifestyle, eat right, try to get a little more fresh air and avoid stress.