Hemoglobin is contained in red blood cells – erythrocytes. It performs the function of delivering oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and then carbon dioxide to the lungs. When it's low, slows the ability of erythrocytes to transfer blood gases. Appears oxygen deficiency – anemia. At the same time are more likely to suffer brain tissue and kidneys. Hemoglobin consists of simple protein globin and the iron-containing heme group. Inranks it is likely different, but most likely – the lack of iron in the body. Insufficient content of vitamins in the diet. Particularly of Riboflavin, folate, copper. Another reason can be an infectious disease, blood loss, pregnancy, donation.To increase the hemoglobin in the first place need to review their food. Most iron is found in meat, liver, offal, cottage cheese and walnuts. Rich in iron and fruits – pomegranates, apples. These products should definitely present in your diet, but you need to remember that the iron contained in plant foods is absorbed in small quantities. While animal proteins, which contain iron, are well absorbed by the body. Discard milk porridge as milk prevents the absorption of iron in the blood. Much more useful is buckwheat, boiled in water.But if the hemoglobin is low for a long time, a proper nutrition may not be enough, and medication is required. Feature of medicines containing iron that they cause strong side effects from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, if you do not correct the cause of anemia, immediately after the course of iron pills, the hemoglobin in the blood will again be reduced. Can be that anemia not caused by iron deficiency, and other reasons. In this case, iron supplements are not only useless, but dangerous. It is therefore not recommended self-treatment. Contact your doctor, he will determine the cause and then prescribe the appropriate treatment.