Signs of low hemoglobin in a child

While reducing the amount of red blood cells induces a state of anemia, which expressed low levels of hemoglobin. For children up to 6 years, the hemoglobin is considered to be insufficient at rates less than 110 grams per liter of blood, for older - less than 120 grams per liter.

When a state of anemia the child has pallor, dry skin, drowsiness, tearfulness, fatigue, irritability and an unstable chair. These symptoms in children are not specific, and sometimes may be completely absent, therefore, to determine the amount of hemoglobin you need to take the analysis of blood from a finger.

In children of younger age, low hemoglobin over a long period of time irreversibly inhibits intellectual, emotional and psychomotor development at an older age. Reception of iron preparations in this case are ineffective.

Causes of low hemoglobin in children

Hemoglobin can have low rates due to the following factors:
- insufficient and poor nutrition;
- low content of iron, animal protein, vitamin B12 and folic acid in the diet;
- abnormal iron absorption in the gastrointestinal tract;
- diseases of the blood;
- acute and chronic diseases;
- infection of worms;
- continuous intake of drugs in large volume;
- allergic reactions;
- the lack of fresh air in the winter.

Ways to increase hemoglobin

A healthy child will help to cope with low hemoglobin nutrition, including the introduction in the diet of foods containing iron, copper and manganese.

To increase the level of iron baby can be beef, beef and pork liver, heart, bran, egg yolk, Apple puree and buckwheat. The copper contained in seafood and vegetables, and in tea, cereal crops and sugar beet manganese. Together, these three components are found in the flour and nuts.

If the cause of low hemoglobin is a disease to cope with the lack of iron, manganese and copper in the blood with the help of food impossible. In this case, prescribe medicines containing essential micronutrients.

To avoid the lowering of the hemoglobin, it is enough to regularly monitor and identify changes. It is also recommended to prevent using products containing iron, and to eliminate the causes that lead to decrease in hemoglobin.