To determine the presence of increased hemoglobin in the blood is not so difficult. The person sleeps poorly and feels no matter the pressure. Sometimes there are even cases of loss of consciousness. You have to understand that not only a reduced level of hemoglobin is bad, but conversely, the bad condition of the blood if the hemoglobin is elevated, there is a danger to more complex diseases. Not worth the risk to try to heal, first consult a doctor, and after examination follow the prescribed treatment.
To use folk remedies for the reduction of hemoglobin can having ascertained that the reason for its increase is not in violation of the internal organs. The oldest method of reducing hemoglobin is hirudotherapy. Well-known ability of leeches to regulate the composition of blood, causing the hemoglobin to normal.
To thin the blood helps taking aspirin in small doses. Take a quarter aspirin a day.
Follow the diet, do not eat red meat, offal, cereal, red berries, and other products that increase the hemoglobin. Restriction of these products will lead to lowering of hemoglobin. The Foundation of your diet should be plant foods and fish. Eat seafood, they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that thin the blood. Additionally drink every day freshly squeezed juice, consisting of beets, carrots and green Apple for taste.
Effectively lowers the hemoglobin Shilajit is mined in Central Asia. This substance can perfectly dissolve in water and has a number of useful properties. Course mummy is not less than ten days. It is necessary to take one tablet Shilajit at night, after the first year to take a break for a week and repeat again. Alcohol intake and mummy not working.
An alternative way to lower the hemoglobin in the blood. Donate, give blood. Hemoglobin will be reduced, as would commence the development of young blood.