The most innocuous sedative is decoctions of herbs. You can give the baby to drink during the day a decoction of Valerian. One teaspoon to 1 liter of water. If the child does not take the taste, you can brew it with tea.
In pharmacies and children are sold ready teas on decoctions of herbs. They are comfortable to use, as it is already packaged in tea bags. For example, "Grandmother's basket", "Soothing" soothing broth No. 3 or "Evening fairy tale". They collected different herbs with a calming effect. Try several options and choose the right taste and render the effect.
When decoctions are not helping, you can use homeopathic or chemicals.
Sedative homeopathic remedies are widely available but even better to drink with a doctor's permission. This Baby Gray and Nervoheel, Valerianaceae and notta, Naughty and Cornicing and others. The advantages of homeopathic remedies is that they can drink in combination with other drugs, and they have virtually no contraindications (only the age restriction and sensitivity to the drug components). All these features can be used when sleep disorders are also at increased excitability, nervousness, irritability, tearfulness. The differences primarily these drugs are to the age where they can be applied. Cornicing is the only homeopathic remedy that can be given even to infants. Nervoheel, notta Pickle and apply with 3 years of Valerianaceae - two, Baby-Sed - only 7 years old.
Drop the "lull" is BAD. In its composition contains extracts of peppermint, hawthorn, motherwort, peony and oregano, glutamic acid and citric acid. The drops have a mild sedative action, relieve irritability, and normalize all the phases of sleep and morning activity, contribute to adaptation to school loads. According to the annotated "lull" can be use 5 years, but sometimes doctors prescribe it in an earlier age. In the form of drops or as a spray dispenser. Contraindications - individual intolerance to the components.
Moms give positive feedback about this drug. As a rule, it is given to babies who have trouble sleeping at night. The effect becomes evident on the third day.
If the child is older than 1 year, you can use medications: glycine, and Valerian. Half tablets two times a day. Be careful when you give a sedative. To them is addictive and the body ceases to respond to them. Therefore, Valerian is recommended to drink courses: 1 week and three weeks break. Glycine acts slowly, this acid, which gradually accumulates in the body and its action is delayed. There are no restrictions for its use. But be aware that its effect is very individual. In some cases, instead of the calming effect it causes arousal.
Synthetic drugs can only be used with doctor's prescription. One of them is medicine Citral. She is often assigned to young children. Active ingredient - citral. It has a slight calming effect and reduces intracranial pressure. This medication is quite often prescribed as a sedative for small children. It can be used from the first months of life. To take for 10 days.
Drop phenibut. According to the reviews posted in the Internet, the opinion of the drug mixed. The drug is very strong. Some children it helps. The child calms down and normalizes sleep. In some cases, appears aggression, irritability, convulsions (described as a side effect in the instructions). Therefore it is necessary to take it strictly under medical supervision.
It is important to know that this drug abolished gradually, as it is addictive. The full course of treatment is 21 days.
Pantogram. This nootropic drug that has a very mild effect. It normalizes sleep and helps to supply oxygen to the brain. Unlike other nootropics can pantogamum to take with other sedatives and tranquilizers. Make pantogram possible from the first days of life. For kids it comes in the form of syrup.
Magne B6 for children is sold in vials. It is a sweet syrup that kids can easily drink. The drug stimulates the development of the nervous system and has a calming effect (improved sleep, a calmer behavior, increased attention). The basis of the drug - magnesium. If the norm of its content in the body is exceeded, side effects: vomiting and nausea, decreased activity, lethargy etc. Therefore, drug taking courses strictly in a certain doctor dosage.