How to accept "Person" with feelings of the

"Persen" - herbal remedies with a pronounced sedative effect. You can take it with increased nervous excitability, during stressful situations, insomnia, inner feelings, when the answer to the annoying question you still not found and you are in a state of chronic stress.
"Persen" in capsules is not recommended for the reception of children from three to 12 years. Up to three years, kids do not accept herbal remedies in any form.

In the composition of the drug "Persen" only natural ingredients of plant origin: extracts of lemon balm, peppermint, Valerian. Pharmacological action of "Persona" is not only a sedative but also antispasmodic effect. After all, when internal experiences often suffer from headaches and a constant feeling of tension. Antispasmodic and sedative effects the "Persona" helps to eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms.

Make "Persen" adults are recommended 2-3 tablets or 2 capsules 3 times a day. Children from three to twelve years the drug is possible only under the supervision and advice of a doctor.

If the sense of inner experiences, not worried in the daytime, but do not allow to sleep, you can take "Person" as a single dose one hour before bedtime in a dose of 3 tablets or two capsules.

The term continuous administration of the herbal drug should not exceed two months. After which to do a break not less than four weeks and if necessary continue taking "Persona".
If you take a "Person" for two weeks, but the sense of inner experiences does not pass, it is rational to go to a psychiatrist and to consider receive a sedative prescription.

Overdose, drug interactions and contraindications "of Persona"

When you receive a "Persona" in high dose may increase side effects. Single-use 103 39 tablets or capsules leads to a feeling of unusual tiredness, can cause stomach cramps, chest tightness, tremor, dizziness, dilated pupils. Recommended treatment: symptomatic treatment and gastric lavage.

Reinforcement occurs when taking herbal remedies with antihypertensives, hypnotics, and analgesics. If the patient takes these drugs together, it is recommended to inform the doctor and adjust the dose.

Meeting of the "Persona" in pregnancy and during lactation is recommended only as directed by your doctor. To date not thoroughly studied the sedative effect of herbal remedies on the fetus. Therefore rational to assign only if the benefit to the mother outweighs potential risks to the fetus and nursing infant during the feeding.

Feedback about the drug "Persen". Almost everyone has noticed a decrease in feelings of anxiety and inner feelings, better sleep and health.