First of all, try to eliminate the causes of unrest and anxiety – way more quiet work, do not get involved in scandals and quarrels at work and home, stop for too much time to think about the problems. Of course, this is not always achievable, but some part of the stimuli possible and to eliminate.
Next, find something to your liking that will allow you to relax and calm agitated nerves. It can be doing gardening, knitting, solving puzzles, reading - in each case hobby you need to pick up strictly individually. Another option is to do the physical work that will occupy free time and stressing the muscles, distracting thus from unnecessary worries. Besides, exercise will improve sleep and help you to keep yourself in good shape.
The ideal option would be to visit the resort, or at least spend a few picnics. If this is not possible, then at least include in the daily routine a daily walk in the Park.
Eliminate from your diet soft drinks (tea, coffee, cocoa) and energy. They can be replaced by herbal teas and infusions - Linden, Valerian, sage, mint hawthorn in any combination and proportion.
Be sure to exclude the use of alcohol - despite the fact that alcohol reduces short-term stress, it still affects the nervous system.
Pay your attention to specialty drugs – a sedative. At the moment there is a great variety for all occasions. If you select do not try to buy the strongest of them, if your nervous system is still not too shaken – possible side effects of drowsiness and apathy.
If, however, no matter what your nerves and do not come in order, it is best to stop the medication and refer to specialists, until you've got a neurosis or phobia, the treatment of which is very long and complex.