Advice 1: How to take motherwort tincture

Folk medicine has long known the healing properties of motherwort. Its sedative properties it is superior to Valerian. In addition, it is successfully used in the treatment of heart disease, Basedow's disease, respiratory failure. Of motherwort make juice, decoction, tincture. To combat different ailments are used in different recipes.
How to take motherwort tincture
Take three times a day 25 drops of an alcohol tincture of motherwort if you have heart rhythm disorders. Medication it is recommended to mix with three tablespoons of water and drink half an hour before meals. When severe arrhythmia after receiving infusions need to lie down on the couch and try to relax. Then take a deep breath and hold your breath as long as possible. After a smooth exhale, the heart rate begins to normalize.
Treated 30% tincture of motherwort if you are concerned about cardiac pain. In this disease the doctors recommend taking 30 drops medications before meals. This dosage is also good for treatment of myocarditis, rheumatism and atherosclerosis of heart vessels.
Consume the pharmacy tincture of motherwort in neurasthenia and neurosis-like disorders. Three times daily 40 drops medications will quickly bring order to a shattered nervous system, and will facilitate the state in vegetative-vascular dystonia. In the complex therapy this recipe is very good for contusions and concussion.
Drink morning and evening for 35 drops of alcohol tincture of motherwort if you have lowered the tone of the uterus in the postpartum period. The same dosage is prescribed for paralysis and paresis. Ophthalmologists recommend this recipe as an additional measure to help to improve eyesight.
Prepare aqueous extract of motherwort in that case, if the alcoholate is contraindicated for you. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water three tablespoons of the herbs and refrigerate the infusion at room temperature. Strain the liquid through a sieve and squeeze raw materials to all the healing properties left in the infusion. This means if indications assigned even to children. A quarter Cup of infusion of motherwort substitute 20 drops of alcohol tincture.
You have bradycardia or arterial hypotension is a contraindication to the administration of drugs, which is composed of motherwort.

Advice 2 : How to drink motherwort tincture

The healing properties of motherwort has long been known to folk medicine. Its ability to remove nervous tension surpasses even the well-known Valerian. In addition, it is effective in the treatment of respiratory failure, heart disease and graves ' disease. The most effective remedy, which is composed of motherwort, is a tincture.
How to drink motherwort tincture
When violations of heart rhythm should take 25 drops of tincture of motherwort on alcohol. Usually this kind of diseases are treated by course, so you should drink the medicine three times a day at least for weeks. Tincture mixed with three tablespoons of water and drink 30 minutes before a meal. After drinking tincture is recommended to lie down, so the effect will occur much faster. To calm a strong arrhythmia, it is necessary, taking medication, take a deep breath and not breathe for some time. Heart rate will gradually return to normal after a smooth exhale.
For heart pain as it is impossible by the way will be a 30% tincture of motherwort. It also helps with atherosclerosis vessels of the heart, rheumatism and myocarditis. Before every meal, drink 30 drops of the medicine. Therapy should continue for at least a month.
Manifestations of neurosis and neurasthenia perfectly treated pharmacy tincture of motherwort. Under these conditions, the dosage of the medication is quite large - 40 drops. But this should not scare you. Side effects from treatment are extremely rare, but a shattered nervous system while taking motherwort is restored to the eyes. When vegetative-vascular dystonia dose will be similar. While concussion and contusion of the brain treatment with motherwort in the dosage is a good additional measure.
With poor vision ophthalmologists recommend taking 35 drops of tincture of motherwort on alcohol. Of course, only one motherwort in this situation can not do, but as an additional measure it is very effective. Paresis and paralysis of the same dosage.Reduced uterine tone in the postpartum period is fraught with bad consequences. And in this situation all the same motherwort will help to cope with the problem. Take 35 drops of tincture twice a day.
Hypotension and bradycardia alcohol tincture of motherwort is contraindicated.

Advice 3 : How to take tincture of Valerian

Alcohol tincture of Valerian are made from the roots and rhizomes of Valerian, soaking in 70% alcohol. For sale tincture in pharmacies and without prescription. In order to achieve the desired effect while taking the tincture, it is necessary to consider some nuances.
How to take tincture of Valerian
Use the tincture for insomnia, to calm the nervous system, in migraine. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you can use a tincture, but do not expect a significant reduction. In addition, tincture of Valerian has a choleretic effect, eliminates spasms of the internal organs and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the secretion of the glands. Prescribed also in the treatment and prevention of the early stages of angina. In some disorders of the liver and stomach cramps. Sometimes it is recommended to use tincture of Valerian in combination with other cardiac, antispasmodic and sedative drugs.
Don't let the tincture to children under the age of three years. After that age, if necessary, give your child as many drops as he full years. Adults can take 20 – 30 drops three or four times throughout the day. It is best to take a few drops in a quarter Cup of water half an hour before a meal. Please note that overdose can cause persistent constipation or disorder of the nervous system.
Do not use tincture during pregnancy and breastfeeding. With prolonged use it can cause drowsiness, decreased performance and feelings of depression. But discontinuation of these phenomena are very fast. Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance.
Keep a tincture of Valerian in a cool and dark place. It is best in the fridge. In such conditions, the properties of Valerian are stored up to five years. During storage in light and in warm infusion, it quickly loses its medicinal effect. Always ensure that the lid was closed tightly.
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Note that the tincture of Valerian is one of the preparations whose effect is manifested after a sufficient accumulation in the body, so the visible effect of its application will begin in about 2 weeks after the first dose.

Advice 4 : Why help the tincture of motherwort, hawthorn and Valerian

Many have already heard about the healing properties of motherwort, Valerian and hawthorn. These plants are useful for those who suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms. Only use the medicines purchased at the pharmacy, as for the production of quality liqueur requires special equipment.

How useful motherwort tincture?

Motherwort has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system, is able to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. Especially appreciated are the flowers of motherwort, they concentrated a large amount of nutrients.

Motherwort tincture is often done on alcohol. For its preparation using a mixture of flowers and green parts of the plant. To achieve a positive effect it is necessary to take the tincture regularly for at least months, only then you will feel the beneficial effect of motherwort. However, if your goal – the struggle with insomnia, then the result will not keep itself waiting long. Even the smell of Valerian promotes relaxation and sound sleep. Though motherwort tincture and is of vegetable origin, to betray her is not recommended.

Application of tincture of hawthorn

It is an effective remedy for those who suffer from disorders of the heart muscle and high blood pressure. Hawthorn tincture can be useful for women suffering from symptoms of menopause. Hawthorn has a wonderful relaxing effect and can help to strengthen the immune system. That is why cosmetics are so useful for those who have suffered serious illness or injury.

Also, this medicinal plant can quickly get rid of edema by removing excess fluid from the body. Tincture take 25 drops three times a day, preferably before meals. Like other tools, hawthorn has some contraindications do not abuse them, because it is a very strong stimulator of heart activity.

What helps Valerian tincture?

The use of this drug is a good prevention of hypertension, allows to get rid of headaches. Perhaps the most beneficial effects of Valerian tincture has on the human nervous system. If you are too irritable, short-tempered, or suffer from sleep disorders, Valerian is just what the doctor ordered.

It is believed that the most tangible result of Valerian tincture gives when combined with other drugs. This tool must be taken immediately before meal, diluted in a large quantity of water. Optimal dosage is 30 drops three to four times a day.

If you are taking Valerian in combination with other drugs, it is necessary to specify the dosage of the doctor. Do not give the tincture of Valerian to children under the age of 12 years. Remember that regular intake of Valerian can affect your ability to control the car, reduced attention and ability to concentrate.
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