You will need
  • - Access to the Internet;
  • - Sam Drivers.
The problem is that some operating systems do not include drivers for the correct operation of the touch panel. In such cases, you must manually find and install the required files. Use the Internet and visit the official website of the company that developed the laptop. Go to "Drivers "Software .
Download kits files to the proper operation of the touch panel. If they do not exist on the website, use the drivers for the motherboard. They usually contain the required files. Open device Manager and navigate to "Mouse and other pointing devices . Click the more actions clicking with the right mouse button on the name of the touchpad.
Select "Update driver software . Specify the folder in which you saved the downloaded files. Wait for the determination and installation of appropriate drivers. Configure the settings for operation of the touch panel. Usually recommended to set optimum values of pressure and speed of movement of the pointer. Some programs automatically disable touchpad when connecting the mouse. Disable this feature if it is not necessary.
Download Sam Drivers if you are unable to find compatible files. Run the file runthis.exe and go to the menu Driver Install Assistance. Wait until the collection of information about the connected devices.
Point Touchpad with a tick and click "to Install . In the ensuing menu, select "typical install . Restart the computer if the touch pad does not work after installing the necessary files.