Connect laptop and PC to the network. To do this you need to configure the wi-fi transmission data, or create a network based on wired technology: you will need one switch and two patch cord. Download from the official site the program and install it on the hard drive of the computer the server version of the program. On a laptop you need to install the client part of the preview program. Before installing it is recommended to complete the implementation of all utilities that relate to graphics cards. Generally both types of software on personal computers must be installed in the system local disk of the operating system.
Run the program on both computers. The server detects the client part of the network and establish the connection. The full version of the program supports connecting up to four computers into a single unit for transmission of the video signal. If you have four computers you need to connect them to each other by special cables or wi-fi network.
Disable the Windows firewall program-a firewall. Make sure that the program available ports 6100, 6151, 6951, and others specified in the program instructions. On the laptop select "second monitor" - set the desktop to transfer data to the second screen. The program MaxiVista is a paid software. For using program features developers are asking for about $ 50.
Demo version of the program is also available for download, but has some limitations in the features list. If you are sure that the software you will need for a long time, it is better to buy the full version, since demo is not available in all settings.