I'm sure many users of laptops and netbooks have noticed how often at times the touchpad, i.e. a touchpad, spoils the mood and greatly increases the time spent on the job. For example, when typing large amount of text, the thumb of both hands is over by pressing the space bar. But next to the spacebar is the touchpad, which when pressed moves the cursor to another part of the document. If you infrequently look at the keyboard, you will see that some of the text jumped.
Some when purchasing a laptop browsing individual programs, and then remove or disable unnecessary (in their opinion). Most tachpadom today are manufactured by Synaptics. The device this company to remove becomes possible only when the installed program, but as a competent user got rid of it, therefore, to perform this operation is not possible.
If this program was not on the laptop, it is recommended to go to the source, i.e. to visit the web-page of the laptop manufacturer and in the Download section to look for everything related to Synaptics. Also disabling can be done by pressing the key combination Fn + F7. Some laptop models have specific prompts in the form of drawings on the buttons. Button to disable the touchpad, usually located on the key F7 – drawn rectangular bar, and elongated index finger.
In some cases, the touchpad can be disabled via the applet "device Manager", which can be called via context menu "My computer". You need to find a touch device, call its context menu and select "Disable".
But the most radical way is the insertion of strips of wide tape on the touch panel, but this should be done only in cases when other means have not brought effect.