Advice 1: What to do if the sensor is not working

Mobile phone is now not just a tool for negotiations. With his help we had the pictures, share them using MMS, exhibited in social networks. Communicate using different programs like Skype, Icq or similar, looking for the information you need on the Internet. Already long time on the mobile phone market appeared the devices with a touch screen.
What to do if the sensor is not working

On the one hand the touch screen of a mobile phone - interesting, beautiful, convenient.... And on the other what to do, if he has ceased to feel its owner and no longer obey him? Because in non-touch phones the inoperability of a single key does not prevent you to make calls and use other options.

First and most radical method is to return to the store if the warranty has not expired. Less radical method - to carry in service center. They say there are people who know more about your friends than ordinary users.

It is possible and to disassemble everything to dismantle and then assemble it back, but it is advisable not proved unnecessary details. This method will help, if something where-that departed. It happens that in the analysis of the phone can be detected between the parts, dust, or dirt, or water. Then the cause of the fault becoming apparent and its elimination will not take much time.

Sometimes the touch screen stops working because it is not suitable temperature conditions (on the street cold in winter, hot in summer). Here the treatment is simple: if overheated – cooling, cold – to warm.

Another reason for the refusal to work – the bent monitor. It is made from flexible plastic which cannot withstand the efforts of an impatient user. Then you can just hard to RUB the screen, trying to flatten it.

It may be that you connected your mobile to computer and it got infected with some virus. Then the solution is simple – check for viruses by antivirus program and treat if any are found.

If the above information did not help you to recover your touchscreen, doing nothing - will have to buy a new phone.

Advice 2: What to do if your phone has a virus

The first viruses for mobile phones emerged in the beginning of this century. Since then, as the complexity of operating systems of mobile phones, evolyutsioniruet and viruses. The presence of a virus on a mobile phone can lead to very unpleasant consequences, ranging from loss of data stored in the phone data to a tangible financial losses.
What to do if your phone has a virus
You should know that viruses on the mobile phone can be of two types: written specifically for mobile phones and conventional computer viruses that got on the phone with the recorded files. Computer viruses usually do not hinder use of the phone, the owner can notice them only when you connect your phone to your computer – antivirus software to the latest reports about infected files.

To remove such viruses is very easy - just scan your phone by antivirus program computer. But viruses for mobile phones, regular computer antivirus is not removed, as the computer and the phone have different operating systems.

If you use a smartphone, to scan it you can download Kaspersky Mobile Security. The program supports the following OS versions: Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5; Symbian^3, Symbian 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 Series 60 (Nokia only); BlackBerry; Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. Free trial version you can download in this link:

If you don't know what OS installed in your smartphone, go through the above link and select an antivirus for your smartphone. You can download the program directly from your phone by typing in their mobile browser:

One of the treatment options of the phone is its formatting. When formatting, all phone settings are returned to factory default condition, all user information is removed. Information about the team to format your phone search for in the help manual.

Any threat to it is better to prevent than to eliminate its consequences. In order for your phone is not infected by a virus, observe basic precautions. Do not download programs and files from unknown sites, do not believe those who offer for free download antivirus software for phones – in most cases all of these programs infected with viruses. Don't open MMS from unknown senders, do not call an unfamiliar phone. Don't click links sent to you from strangers. Turn off bluetooth. Following these simple measures will save you from many problems.

Advice 3: How to fix the sensor

If it's a touchscreen phone became worse to react and respond to your movements, you will have to take it in for repair, so the situation is not worsened. If for some reason (no time or money) you can't do this, try to correct the problem yourself.
How to fix the sensor
Take a matchbox or any other small box, which you later will put the screws and bolts so they are not lost. To fix the sensor, remove it from the phone side panel. Take the hex driver. On the back cover of your mobile phone remove the two bolt that are located under the side panels.
Locate the two screws in the battery compartment. Remove them. The side panels are latches. Take a thin screwdriver, remove the top cover. Disconnect the connector of the screen. Take a thin Phillips screwdriver and Unscrew the two screws located in the upper part of the body. In the same way headphone. Next to it is the microphone. Separate the connector from the Board, and then separate the card from the screen.
Take an ordinary eraser. With it, clean the contacts of the ribbon cable to Shine. Connect the ribbon cable to the Board. To do this, flip the screen. To fix the sensor, turn on the resulting design. Get the tape, cut a thin strip and attach the battery to the Board that he did not depart and did not stop the power. Release the lock, located between the CF connector and the battery. Locate on the motherboard the Power button. Click it.
Determine the cause of failure. Usually the sensor the sensor goes wrong because of the failure of the contact from the loop straight to the screen. To test this theory, hold the connection of the screen ribbon cable using any of the dielectric. In this case, fit the eraser you clean the contacts plume. Drag the stylus across the screen. If the sensor is working fine, so the fault was in poor permeability contact. It can be fairly easy to fix.
Cut a very thin flat strip of eraser with a thickness of about 1 mm, and glue it in place, the connection of the screen ribbon cable. Do not use superglue. Take the glue "Moment" or any other adhesive viscous consistency. If the problem is not the density of the contact to repair the touch screen, seek the assistance of qualified professionals.
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