On the one hand the touch screen of a mobile phone - interesting, beautiful, convenient.... And on the other what to do, if he has ceased to feel its owner and no longer obey him? Because in non-touch phones the inoperability of a single key does not prevent you to make calls and use other options.

First and most radical method is to return to the store if the warranty has not expired. Less radical method - to carry in service center. They say there are people who know more about your friends than ordinary users.

It is possible and to disassemble everything to dismantle and then assemble it back, but it is advisable not proved unnecessary details. This method will help, if something where-that departed. It happens that in the analysis of the phone can be detected between the parts, dust, or dirt, or water. Then the cause of the fault becoming apparent and its elimination will not take much time.

Sometimes the touch screen stops working because it is not suitable temperature conditions (on the street cold in winter, hot in summer). Here the treatment is simple: if overheated – cooling, cold – to warm.

Another reason for the refusal to work – the bent monitor. It is made from flexible plastic which cannot withstand the efforts of an impatient user. Then you can just hard to RUB the screen, trying to flatten it.

It may be that you connected your mobile to computer and it got infected with some virus. Then the solution is simple – check for viruses by antivirus program and treat if any are found.

If the above information did not help you to recover your touchscreen, doing nothing - will have to buy a new phone.